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North Bay RNIP website launched!

If you joined us for our CPD lesson on the RNIP, you now have a new tool to help you find solutions for your clients! Here is a free sample of that CPD event: and here is the NEW RNIP site for North Bay!

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AIM: We’ve helped you to prioritize which areas of the exam you should focus on. Hard Work: Work through our free lessons, the seminar, your individual study plan, and the references from the...


It’s always great to take a look at people who took the exam a year ago and see what they had to say. Where will you be in a year? Once you pass the exam, our goal for you is to have a successful...

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Starting your immigration business is a series of steps and conquering the ICCRC Exam requirement is one of the most important ones. Be sure to get in touch with us so we can take this first step...

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All of the economic programs can play a role on your upcoming ICCRC Exam, including the newer, smaller programs such as the RNIP!...

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In getting ready for the ICCRC Exam, time is limited! Today’s tip is to listen to our lessons on your phone while you are out of the house! If your...


RCIC Tip: In order to become a successful RCIC, find a mentor to teach you the ropes. But the question is how to find one? If you’re lucky enough to...

Happy Thanksgiving!

This holiday, it is important for our team to take some time to be extra thankful that we get to spend our work-week helping incredible future and...

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How can you stop being nervous about the exam? By doing as much of the RIGHT PREPARATION as possible! Aside from working through our material, keep...