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#Motivation #Monday

#Motivation #Monday
For everyone juggling family, work, sleep AND your goal of passing the #ICCRC #Exam, keep up the great work!
Your future self, future clients, family, community, country and us at www.ExamPreparation.ca are all cheering for you!

Asylum seekers working against covid

'Asylum seekers make up a large portion of the "guardian angels" Quebec Premier François Legault has praised in his daily briefings — the orderlies, or préposées aux bénéficiaires (PABs), working in long-term care homes — who have no guarantee they'll be allowed to stay in...

Hong Kong citizens and asylum in Canada

'As the Globe and Mail first reported Monday, 46 Hong Kong citizens – many of whom took part in the massive demonstrations that began last year as China tightened its grip on the Asian city – are seeking asylum in Canada, citing harassment and brutality at the hands of police and fear of unjust prosecution.This may only be the start of a bigger...


Here is a look at some of the difficulties faced by people on a PGWP who are working towards immigrating through the CEC during these difficult times:https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news-story/9973062-they-hoped-for-jobs-and-to-immigrate-to-canada-for-international-students-the-pandemic-has-dimmed-that-hope/

Immigration Businesses after COVID

For all of you RCICs and ICCRC Exam-Takers, these are interesting times to start an immigration business, but we know how resilient you are and we have every confidence in your success! If you haven't seen our video on COVID-19, RCICs, and the ICCRC Exam, here is some insight into what our RCIC colleagues foresee happening in their Immigration...

COVID-19, RCICs, and your ICCRC Exam!

If you are a current or future RCIC who is thinking about how COVID-19 might affect your upcoming #ICCRC #Exam and/or immigration consulting business, here is our most recent video to help! https://exampreparation.ca/covid-19-rcics-and-your-iccrc-exam/


RNIP kicks off in Timmins! https://www.timminstoday.com/local-news/immigration-pilot-program-kicks-off-in-timmins-2280552Here is our FREE ICCRC EXAM LESSON on the RNIP:https://exampreparation.ca/free-lessons/rural-and-northern-1/

ICCRC Exam Prep Court Case

Liu vs Canada is a case that gives us a look at what happens when a person is issued an exclusion order for misrepresentation and then files for an H&C based on the best interests of his Canadian children. https://decisions.fct-cf.gc.ca/fc-cf/decisions/en/item/363092/index.do?q=race

FREE #ICCRC #Exam lesson on citizenship

Have you seen our FREE #ICCRC #Exam lesson on citizenship? Obtaining citizenship is often the ultimate goal of your clients and passing the citizenship portion of your #ICCRC #Exam is one of your goals as future RCICs! https://exampreparation.ca/free-lessons/citizenship-1/

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