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Here are some of the best feelings in the world, although passing the ICCRC Exam is up there too!

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Prioritizing your time is the key to passing the ICCRC exam. How can you know which areas to spend your study time on? Through the individual study plan we provide you after our seminar!...

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Here is a 1 hour long lesson on PR Residency Requirements and how this can play a role in your upcoming ICCRC Exam! If you enjoyed this lesson, be sure to visit our ICCRC Exam Preparation Website...

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Here at, we pride ourselves on having passionate, dedicated, experts to help you reach your ICCRC Exam goals! Our lead instructor, Kyle Broda, RCIC, holds several academic...

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While this list focuses on your physical and mental well-being in preparing for this big day, we would also recommend for you to take our seminar as...

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Your ICCRC Exam results hold the key to reaching your dream of helping people become Canadian! If you are planning on helping people become...

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When you study for your ICCRC Exam, it is important to understand the exam itself as well as the contents of the exam. Take a look at these helpful...


“Prior to taking my Entry to Practice exam last August I purchased your Test Day Data Booklet and Exam Simulations 1, 2 and 3. They were an immense...

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There are a lot of Provincial Immigration Programs, but don't worry, our Test Day Data Booklet has you covered for your #ICCRC #Exam!Beyond the...

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Here is a 27-Minute FREE LESSON on the AIPP as it can relate to the ICCRC Exam!

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Understanding which areas to prioritize while studying for the ICCRC Exam is certainly not an easy task. Immigration Law is a huge, diverse topic...