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Inadmissibility in practice


Canada reexamines legal status for asylum seekers

As more and more asylum seekers are stepping up to help during COVID-19, more and more Canadians are showing their appreciation by re-examining the way they see these people and their hope of being protected in Canada: https://www.lmtonline.com/news/article/Canada-reexamines-legal-status-for-asylum-seekers-15335161.php

Canada, Australia take different tacks on immigration amid COVID crisis

For a lot of your immigration clients, they are choosing between Canada and Australia as destinations to start their new lives.As such, it is always important to take a look at the similarities and differences between these two incredible countries.Here is another great Douglas Todd article describing the different approaches the two countries...

#Motivation #Monday

#Motivation #MondayFor everyone juggling family, work, sleep AND your goal of passing the #ICCRC #Exam, keep up the great work! Your future self, future clients, family, community, country and us at www.ExamPreparation.ca are all cheering for you!

Asylum seekers working against covid

'Asylum seekers make up a large portion of the "guardian angels" Quebec Premier François Legault has praised in his daily briefings — the orderlies, or préposées aux bénéficiaires (PABs), working in long-term care homes — who have no guarantee they'll be allowed to stay in...

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