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There is still time to register for tomorrow’s CPD Event!

Our CPD Event on WP to PR is tomorrow!  Do you have questions you would like us to discuss? Let us know and we will include it in the webinar tomorrow! Register for the event here:

Are you still deciding whether or not to come study with us?

Are you still deciding whether or not to come study with us? Come meet our team: Take a look at our program:

An important tip for all of you future RCICs about starting your own business: ‘It is never too early to start planning!’

Scotiabank has some great (FREE!) tools for you to use in starting your journey to being your own boss: Also, remember...

For all of you RCICs

For all of you RCICs, it is important to always give your clients realistic expectations about life in Canada. In most cases, it may take years for...

This is heartbreaking

This is heartbreaking: ‘Police… located dozens of workers who they say were lured to Canada with promises of a better future. Instead, they were...

16 CPD Hours for $250!

LMIAs and Work Permits are two of the best areas for RCICs to work in!Luckily, we have 16 CPD Hours available for you on exactly this subject for...

Merry Christmas!

We hope Santa brought you what you asked for! Be sure to enjoy this special day with your family and we will get back to working towards your goals...