For the ICCRC Exam, you will have 3 hours to work through 80-90 scenarios and answer 140 questions.

The #1 issue for most ICCRC Exam-Takers is to learn how to finish the exam on time!

By working through our lessons, seminar, and practicing with the sample exams and Test Day Data Booklet, this will be much, much easier and you will be on the right track to getting the results you need (and deserve!).

Here are just a few of the areas we cover in our seminar to make sure that you are adequately prepared. üInvesting your time properly before, during and after the ICCRC Exam üContextualizing content to find answers üTime saving techniques to implement in the 2 halves of the ICCRC Exam üHow to choose correctly when you have 2 correct answers üAvoiding distractors in choosing the correct answer üThe differences and similarities between answers üStrategizing for the content of the 2 halves of the ICCRC Exam üUnderstanding the questions types and the techniques to use for each one üSkimming, scanning and closing in on the correct answers üAnd so much more!