Hi everyone! At the seminar this past weekend, many of the attendees noted that they were feeling very nervous about the upcoming ICCRC Full Skills Exam to the point where they are so anxious that they are overwhelmed by this large obstacle.

We know the feeling! Our own Kyle Broda, Lizzeth Ruiz and Luz Fernandez all took the exam themselves and were stressed out by it as well!

We don’t want you to be as stressed as we were, so that is why we have made our program to help you to have strategies to pass the exam. In our seminar, we outline exactly the plan that you are going to follow in order to turn this anxiety into MOTIVATION!

You can register for our upcoming seminars here:  https://exampreparation.ca/iccrc-exam-prep-dates-and-registration/

And be sure to start implementing some of these physical and mental techniques to help you calm down and stay focused during this potentially stressful time. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/anxiety-zen/201405/22-quick-tips-change-your-anxiety-forever

Finally, remember that you’re not doing this alone!

We’re here to help!




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