Your time investment is critical in reaching your goal of passing the ICCRC Exam!

We are often referred to as the most qualified ICCRC Exam training team our clients have ever met and, as such, we understand how difficult it is to choose an ICCRC Exam Preparation course.

This is why we provide 60+ hours of FREE LESSONS! For some people, they may feel that the free lessons are enough to help them and for other people, they may feel inspired to take the next steps and invest in our material.

Also, our main lecturer, Kyle Broda’s qualifications include a Master of Education (TESOL), Master of Applied Linguistics, B.A. (Hons), TEFL Certification and over 12 years of university lecturing and examining experience in Canada, Australia, Thailand, China and Korea.

Also, he is an RCIC who passed the exam himself and has coached hundreds of people to get the ICCRC Exam results they deserve!

Let’s start now!

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