Your ICCRC Exam results hold the key to reaching your dream of helping people become Canadian!

If you are planning on helping people become Canadian, you will definitely need to pass the ICCRC Exam. If you passed your Immigration Practitioner Diploma without any issues, you should smile because with some exam training and fine-tuning, you will be on your way to achieving your goal!

For some of you, you may have a strong foundation of knowledge in Canadian Immigration Law because you had some great teachers in your Diploma program. For others, you may have taught yourself some areas of Immigration Law by working through our FREE LESSONS.

Again this is great news, but the big question we need to ask ourselves is whether or not your Immigration Law Knowledge will translate into an ICCRC Exam setting to make sure that you pass the exam on your first try.

Don’t worry! The Team at is here to help!

You already have the Immigration Law Foundation to work with, so what we are here to do is to make sure you have the exam knowledge needed to get the ICCRC Exam results you deserve.

Be sure to visit our website to make sure that you can overcome this step as easily and quickly as possible!

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