ICCRC Exam Express Entry Questions and analysis to help you pass your ICCRC Full Skills Exam

***Important Notice*** With the recent changes in Express Entry, this lesson is no longer up to date.

Our new Express Entry Lesson Series will be released by February 12th 2017 in order to keep everyone updated for the 90-day cut-off!



Estimated Study Time: 4 hours

Steps in this lesson

  1. Read through the IRCC/CIC links below
  2. Print the worksheet 
  3. Be sure to use your Test Day Data Book
  4. Try the practice questions below
  5. Once you have analyzed the questions and found an answer, take a look at our videos below which explain the correct answers step by step and since these questions can be tricky.


Important links:

Fill out your profile – Skilled immigrants (Express Entry)


How Express Entry works


Express Entry rounds of invitations


CRS points system


Immigrate as a skilled worker through Express Entry


Help Centre – Express Entry


Express Entry Year-End Report


Program delivery update – February 11, 2016 – Update to the procedures related to police certificates and Express Entry completeness checks



Sample Questions

Here are your simulation questions, but be sure to remember that you can order hundreds more from our books and if you find that you need some exam techniques, be sure to join our seminars which have a 97% success rate.


Express Entry Sample Question #1

Max, aged 40, is an Engineer from Romania with 3 years of experience in this role in his country and even worked in Quebec City as a waiter for a summer. He makes an appointment to see Caesar, an RCIC, in order to get an idea of how many points he would receive under Express Entry to see if he would be accepted into the Pool of Candidates or not since he just received a job offer from a company in Halifax with an LMIA.

In getting all of the details, Caesar notes that Max has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and recently scored a CLB 9 in his English exam. His wife, Maxine, will be joining him and she has a 1 year diploma in accounting and scored a CLB 4 in her language exam.

How many points would Caesar tell Max that he would likely get?

a. 954

b. 834

c. 976

d. 760


Express Entry Sample Question #2

Norma spent a year working in Canada as a lawyer for a branch of the company she works for in China and would like to return as a permanent resident. She has a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree and a separate 1-year teaching diploma and has been working for the company for a total of two years, including her time in Canada. She received a score of CLB 8 in French and CLB 7 in English when she took her exams last year and would prefer to choose a city to live in once she arrives in Canada rather than sign a contract since she is young (30) and single. How many points is she likely to receive in the CRS?

a. 378

b. 462

c. 389

d. 453


Express Entry Sample Question #3

Xing worked in Canada for 4 years as a university professor at the University of Toronto where she met Mr. Xing, who was working on a 1-year contract as an Engineer. Unfortunately, Mr. Xing had to move back to Singapore at the end of his contract, so Xing followed him and they married shortly. Even with her PhD and his Bachelor of Engineering degrees, they problems finding work, so they would like to return to Canada as Xing was just offered provincial sponsorship from Saskatchewan. Xing thinks that Canadian companies wouldn’t mind hiring ‘older people’ as she is now 47 and Mr. Xing is 42.

They recently received their language results and Xing scored a CLB 10 in English and a CLB 2 in French while Mr. Xing scored a CLB 5 in English. How many points are they likely to receive in the CRS?

a. 398

b. 998

c. 876

d. 954





Then follow this by watching our free Express Entry Lessons on how Procedures can play a role in your ICCRC Full Skills Exam:

*Kindly note that Police Background Checks are now valid for 6 months, not 3.










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