1. Will you continue to offer exam preparation once the ICCRC evolves into The College?


We constantly update, review and improve our materials, and lessons as immigration and the exam itself evolves.

As part of our dedication to our profession, we will continue to offer our exam preparation services to future RCICs even once the regulatory body implements organizational (and exam!) changes.

As such, we are more than happy to help you reach your goals at any step of your upcoming journey; whether it is now or in the future.

2. How often does your material get updated?

All our materials are updated according to the 90-day cut-off period established by the CICC before every exam. By updating our content, we mean only modifying the information that has been touched by immigration law changes within the concerned period and not the totality of our material.
Therefore, in one year, we release different editions, each one relevant to a specific exam.

3. The laws keep changing, but I want to start studying soon - when should I order the books?

We understand how difficult it can be to keep updated for your exam when the laws keep changing, which is why the books are always updated according to the 90-day cut-off established by the ICCRC before every exam. We recommend purchasing our books and seminars 2.5 months before your ICCRC Exam to receive the most current edition. When there are changes, refer to our Facebook page and blog to keep yourself updated.

4. How long does shipping take?

We ship on Monday and Wednesday mornings using XpressPost (by Canada Post), and it takes 5-10 business days** to reach you (after being shipped) depending on the area you are in. Your order will be processed, and you will receive an email from Canada Post with a tracking number when your order is shipped. Please note that processing time may vary depending on the season and volume of orders received by our shipping department.


For international shipping, it takes 3-4 weeks to reach you and there may be a surcharge.


When a shipping day falls on a holiday, your order will be sent the following business day.


Please be advised that due to the update period, orders received around 3 months before every exam may be delayed for 3-4 weeks to be processed and shipped. This way, we make sure you receive the most current edition of our material.


* If your package can’t reach you due to a mistake within the address you have provided, you will need to re-pay the associated shipping fees in order for us to re-send your package.

** Due to the current COVID-19 situation, Canada Post can not guarantee these delivery times. By placing an order through our website, you acknowledge and accept that your package could be delayed and might not reach you on time before your exam.

5. Can I cancel an order I just placed?

If the order has not been shipped by the time you request a cancellation (business hours apply), we will be able to cancel it and your refund will be processed within the next week. However, if your order has already been shipped, a cancellation is not possible, and no refund applies.
If you placed an order for online products/services, we must receive your cancellation request within the next 24 hours after the purchase is made. Requests received after the 24-hour timeframe will not proceed.
* Please note that a 4% administrative fee will be deducted from any total/partial refund.

6. When I purchase your books, do I still need to read all of the CIC manuals, operational bulletins, etc.?

The short answer is no, you won’t have to read every OP, IP, etc. We read and compiled the most important manuals produced by the CIC so you don’t have to. However, to study and read as much as you can during your preparation will help you understand and retain all of the information.

When you do the exam simulations, the Answer Key will show you exactly which areas you are weak in and need to focus on.

The Test Day Data Booklet provides a summary of the data in the manuals and is perfect for those who have finished their courses with a general knowledge of immigration classes but need to have quick access to specific information.

7. Can I photocopy/scan your materials?

No, you cannot reproduce or resell any portion of any of our materials. It is illegal to reproduce any portion of any book unless you have written authorization from the authors as you can read here. If someone shows up to the exam with photocopies of our materials, they will be sent home.

We have asked the ICCRC Exam Invigilators to pass along the details of anybody who shows up to their exam with photocopies of our materials and we will immediately file a lawsuit against such person in civil court as well as a complaint before the ICCRC since this is a very clear violation of the Code of Ethics.

On a personal level, we feel that if you are photocopying books, which is immoral as well as illegal, you will probably do the same immoral and illegal actions with your clients. These types of actions can ruin their lives as well as the reputation of every other member of the ICCRC, which is the reason why we will file a complaint before the Council immediately, that may lead to your licence being revoked. If you have a classmate who is photocopying our materials, you can confidentially report him/her to us at info@exampreparation.ca (with any proof you may have) and our lawyer will take care of the rest.

8. I purchased the books in the past and would like the most recent edition - What should I do?

It is recommended for you to purchase our materials within 2.5 months of the exam. As such, if you order our material and then decide to take the exam later, you can update yourself through our Facebook page and blog. If you would like to re-order the material, you will receive the same discounts that are currently available on our shop page.

9. Do you offer books online?

Yes. The three exam simulations are available online and this includes the references and the answer key. However, the Test Day Data Booklet is only available in paper format.

10. I will be in Montreal, can I go to your office to pick up the books?

Unfortunately, we do not longer keep the materials in our office. They are handled and shipped from an external facility.

The easiest and fastest way to get them is by placing your order through our website.

11. What is in the Test Day Data Booklet?

The Test Day Data Booklet is a 57 page summary of the following topics:

ICCRC, Client Account, Code of Professional Ethics, Retainer/Agent Agreements, Withdrawal from representation, Agents, RISIAs, Canada’s System of Government, Canadian Charter, Distribution of Legislative Powers, Hierarchy of Courts, Delays, Inadmissibility, Rehabilitation, Refugees, Visitor Visa, eTA, Super Visa, Students, International Experience Canada, Caregivers, Temporary Foreign Workers, NAFTA, Family Class, Sponsorship, Express Entry, Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class, Start-up Visa, Self-Employed Persons, PNPs, National Occupational Classification, Language Tests, PR Status, Citizenship, Where to apply, Federal and Quebec fees, CAQ, CSQ, Quebec Programs, Quebec Skilled Workers, Quebec Family Class, Quebec Entrepreneurs/Investors/Self-employed Persons, LICO, POF, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project and more!

It was written in a way to help you access the information easily for the type of questions they will ask you in your exam, in particular where you are required to know a specific piece of information. If you prepare with the Test Day Data Booklet and the Exam Simulations, the Test Day Data Booklet will likely be the only support you need on the day of your ICCRC Full Skills Exam.

12. I started on one of the Exam Simulation Booklets and your answer sheet has a different answer to the one I got. Is it a mistake in the answer sheet?

Our question booklets have been reviewed dozens of times by independent ICCRC members, exam specialists, lawyers, and language experts to give you the best questions available. Some questions have been written to try to trick you (just like your real exam) so be sure to read them carefully before answering.

We also include a reference that will guide you to the specific source and explanation that leads to the answer, though it is always better to research on your own and see if you match up. However, if you have followed all of these steps and still cannot find the correct answer, go to the last question in this section and we will be happy to help.

13. I am unsure about one of the answers - can I email you to ask for an explanation?

We generally like to let our clients try to find the answers themselves since that is where you really learn and dig deep into the manuals. As you are reading to find some little detail that leads to the answer, all of the information that you skim over gets retained. If you really get stuck, the references provided will lead you to the correct answer. Having said that, of course, we are here to help, so go to the last question in this section and send an email anytime.

14. What if I need additional information?

If the previous answers have not resolved your concern, go to our contact page here.
We suggest that to obtain focused attention, you must properly direct your request according to the corresponding area.

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