The ICCRC Exam

1. Will you continue to offer exam preparation once the ICCRC evolves into The College?


We constantly update, review and improve our materials, and lessons as immigration and the exam itself evolves.

As part of our dedication to our profession, we will continue to offer our exam preparation services to future RCICs even once the regulatory body implements organizational (and exam!) changes.

As such, we are more than happy to help you reach your goals at any step of your upcoming journey; whether it is now or in the future.

2. What is the average passing grade for the ICCRC exam?

The ICCRC uses a method that allocates a certain amount of points to questions based on their difficulty, so there is no way of knowing exactly which score you would need. However, if you score 80% on our exam simulations, you are likely ready for the actual ICCRC exam.

3. Can I bring the Test Day Data Book into my test?

Yes! It is absolutely essential to bring the Test Day Data Booklet into the exam room with you. Remember that you only have 1 minute and 28 seconds to answer each question, so it is important to get familiar with your book as much as possible.

The Test Day Data Booklet was written in a way to allow you to access important information in a matter of seconds rather than wasting valuable minutes looking through your IRPA or notes, so we recommend keeping this as your main source of consultation rather than looking through several papers on test day.

4. What if I take your preparation seminar and I don't pass the exam?

Our seminar is produced through the public exam information provided by the CICC, combined with our expertise in exam preparation and RCIC education.
We are not privy to confidential information about the exams and all of our materials should be considered as our own interpretation of what we suggest as a valid exam strategy.
Despite hundreds of testimonials from people who we have helped pass their regulatory exam, we do not suggest, imply or guarantee success in your CICC EPE.

5. What if I need additional information?

If the previous answers have not resolved your concern, go to our contact page here.
We suggest that to obtain focused attention, you must properly direct your request according to the corresponding area.

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