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1. I have paid for the online simulations. When will I be able to access them?

You will receive immediate access after placing your order. This access will remain active until the date of the next exam.

2. I am unsure about one of the answers - can I email you to ask for an explanation?

We generally like to let our clients try to find the answers themselves since that is where you really learn and dig deep into the manuals. As you are reading to find some little detail that leads to the answer, all of the information that you skim over gets retained. If you really get stuck, the references provided will lead you to the correct answer. Having said that, of course, we are here to help, so send an email anytime.

3. How often does your material gets updated?

All of our material is updated according to the 90-day cut-off period established by the ICCRC before every exam.

4. Do you also offer IELTS/TEF training?

Yes, we certainly do. We have 3 TEF and 2 IELTS instructors on staff who are experts in their field.

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