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: ‘Lonely’ Family Member Sponsorship and the ICCRC Exam

(continuation… ) ‘Lonely’ Family Member Sponsorship Program!

Court cases

In this decision, the fact that a person cannot sponsor someone under R117(1)(h) when they have a family member who could otherwise be sponsored is made clear, regardless of whether or not those people are admissible.

Can a person sponsor someone under R117(1)(h) if he has a mother who is alive but medically inadmissible? Here is a decision that clarified why the answer is ‘No.’

Even though R117(1)(h) allows a person to sponsor a family member they would not normally be able to sponsor, they still must demonstrate a genuine relationship, regardless of whether or not the sponsor qualifies to sponsor someone under this stream of the Family Class. Here is a case demonstrating this exact situation:

If a person wants to sponsor a mother who doesn’t qualify for immigration as a parent, could the sponsor instead sponsor her mother under R117(1)(h)? The answer is ‘No,’ but here is a decision that analyses this question: 

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