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: Provincial Nominee Programs and your ICCRC Exam

(continuation… ) Provincial Nominee Programs.

In studying this topic, it is essential to understand the general procedures that are common for all PNPs.

This can be done by reading through reading R87 and OP7b as a starting point, but reading through each provincial website (and using your Test Day Data Book) is great idea if you have the time.

Here is each province’s immigration website:


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia




Prince Edward Island (This website can occasionally be off-line when they are updating it)

Quebec (Though not technically a PNP, Quebec immigration programs can play a role on your exam)

Be sure to keep in mind that new changes follow the 90 Day Cut-off rule.

Kindly note that Op7b does not take Express Entry into account but provides a good overview of the processes involved for people immigrating directly to provinces.

Here is the relevant section of the IRCC website regarding the relationship between Express Entry and PNPs:

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