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: Residency Requirements and the ICCRC exam

(continuation… ) Lesson on Residency Requirements!

Residency Requirements in the news:

From CBC: ‘Couple in Nova Scotia hopes for last-minute reprieve from ‘devastating’ deportation.’

This is an article that shows why it is so important for PRs to meet their residency requirements, regardless of their ties to the community and what they have planned for in the future. A knowledgeable RCIC would have resolved this situation before it became a removal order.

Here is an article from the Vancouver Sun about why Europeans are rapidly renouncing their Canadian immigrant status.

From the Toronto Star: About 1,400 immigrants a year ordered removed from Canada for residency non-compliance.

From the Vancouver Sun: Douglas Todd: Growing number renouncing Canadian immigrant status.

Here is an article from the National Post about one of the biggest immigration frauds in Canada’s history where people were falsely claiming to be in Canada in order to meet their PR residency requirements:

This is an article from 2011 about a man who did not meet his residency requirements, but this situations certainly happens even today.

Here is a very unfortunate situation where it appears that the Canadian Government made a mistake in assessing a person’s residency dates in Canada, leading to her being stranded overseas.

This article is about ghost consultants who were committing fraud by forging documents to help people pretend to be in Canada so they can meet their residency requirements. ‘More than 770 of the company’s 1,600 clients have now lost their permanent residency or citizenship status or face inadmissibility hearings according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).’

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