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: Self Employed ICCRC Exam Lesson

(continuation… ) understanding the Self-Employed Stream.

Here are the links mentioned in the video to save you some time:

OP 8

IRPR R78, R79, R88.(1), R100 – R109.5

Eligible NOC Occupations List for Self-Employed

CIC Self-Employed Stream

Is the Self-Employed Farmer Program still in existence?

Yes. The program is temporarily suspended and not canceled, which means it can still play a role in your upcoming exam.

This is the same idea as to when a program reaches a cap limit (such as the Parent-Grandparent PR system) as we discussed in the seminar. Once the SE farmer program is officially canceled, it will not play a role on the ICCRC exam, but by then, you’ll already be an RCIC!

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