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: Self Employed ICCRC Exam Lesson

(continuation… ) understanding the Self-Employed Stream.

The following cases refer to the Self-Employed category and are important to read in order to round out your knowledge of this area as well.

In Rolfe v. Canada, the Federal Court confirms that when a CIC agent decides that an applicant is not a self-employed person according to the definition at IRPR s 88(1), they must provide adequate reasons for their decision. Read more about this case at

Griscenko v. Canada asks the question of whether experience across borders and local recognition can be considered as a “world-class level” experience for a self-employed person, according to the definition found at IRPR s 88(1). Read more about this case at

In Ding v. Canada, the Federal court decides whether traditional Chinese medicine is a “cultural activity” according to the IRPR definition of a self-employed person. Read more about this case at

Tollerene v. Canada the Federal Court reviews the decision of the CIC as to whether a poker player from the USA would contribute to specified economic activities in Canada. Read more about this case at

What happens if someone applies as a self-employed person to open a cultural business in Canada without a business plan? The Federal Court addresses the issue in Kim v. Canada. Read more about this case at

Chen v. Canada questions the issue of the origins of the funds presented by an applicant to establish herself as a self-employed person in Canada. Is it necessary that the applicant proves the origins of their funds? Read more about this case at

Sing Sahota v. Canada determines whether 30-year experience in rice and wheat farming in India is sufficient for a person to qualify as a self-employed fruit and vegetable farmer in Ontario. Read more about this case at

What happens if an applicant request to be evaluated as a self-employed person under a specific occupation but the CIC officer considers that the applicant’s experience better matches the criteria for another occupation? Souri v. Canada answers this question. Read more about this case at

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