Hello everybody! My name is Kyle Broda and I am one of the teachers that will help you pass your ICCRC Full Skills Exam to become a Canadian Immigration Consultant!

We only have one goal at www.fullskillsexamprep.com and that is to help you pass your exam.

I was born in Canada, but after university, I traveled all over the world and was shocked to read some of the horror stories about fake immigration consultants cheating both the system and new immigrants out of a chance at a better life in Canada. If you haven’t seen those stories, you can read a few of them here:



Jason Kenney announces 3,100 people being stripped of citizenship for fraud

I strongly feel that the ICCRC is doing the best job possible in regulating these crooks, which is why I became an Immigration Consultant and am happy to help all of you future immigration consultants!

In another video, I will talk about my educational background, but for this one, I am happy to say that our first student ever, Jose Solis, has passed his exam!

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