As future (or current) RCICs, the ICCRC Annual Report is a must-read as it gives great insight into the major innovations taken by the ICCRC for the last year and helps to remind you of the ‘bigger picture’ of working as an RCIC.

In this year’s edition, you’ll notice some very exciting changes have been implemented that will definitely have an effect on your lives as immigration consultants!

Be sure to read through the ICCRC Annual Report linked below and keep up your great work as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants!


Here are some of the most exciting developments:

  • 892 people attempted the Full Skills Exam in the last year with approximately 412 new members joining the ICCRC, so we can assume about 46% of people passed (page 32)
  • The number of RCICs rose from 2831 to 3243 from June 2014 to June 2015! (page 32 of 2015 report and page 20 of the 2014 report)
  • Regulated International Student Advisors and Citizenship Consultants under the regulation of the ICCRC (page 10)
  • Bow Valley College to offer Immigration Practitioner Program (page 27)
  • On page 56, you’ll see a picture of our own Lizzeth Ruiz, who attended the AGM! (page 56)

ICCRC Annual Report 2015



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