Happy Wednesday everyone! We always get asked a lot of questions about the ICCRC Full Skills Exam and here is one that you might be thinking as well.


‘I recently bought the exam simulations and Test Day Data Booklet, but still don’t know here to begin’

Answer from www.FullSkillsExamPrep.com:

1) The first thing to do is to try out on of the exam simulations in an actual 3 hour setting.
2) At the end, complete the Answers Matrix you were provided with to see where your strength and weaknesses are.
3) Then read the corresponding manuals and articles given in the References section of your exam simulation.
4) When you feel confident that you now know the areas the Answers Matrix analysed as needing work, try another exam simulation!
5) Repeat until you are scoring over 70% in the exam simulations.



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