One of the best parts of helping people pass the ICCRC Full Skills Exam is that we get to meet dedicated and interesting people from all over the world who want to contribute to helping immigrants succeed in starting their new lives in Canada.

Last week during our ICCRC Full Skills Exam Prep private seminar, we were lucky enough to meet Shola Olapido, a recent graduate from the Academy of Learning Immigration Practitioner Program, and she gave us permission to share her name and story.

Shola is a mother of 3 children and is 9 months pregnant with a due date for this week for her newest addition. She doesn’t let this slow her down – she is also going to take the ICCRC Full Skills Exam on May 3rd and is studying hard in between her other work, study and family duties.

Here at, we understand that it is difficult to juggle work, family and studies, but remember, we’re here to help you overcome this challenge!

For all of you people studying for the May 3rd exam, keep up the great work – it will be worth it!


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