How to Become a Commissioner for Oaths in Canada as an RCIC


Once you pass your ICCRC Full Skills Exam (with help from!), you will begin your career as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

In our office, all of our staff have been Commissioners for Oaths for a number of years because of the ease in which this allows us to help our immigration clients as well as Full Skills Exam Prep clients who need an official copy of their ID to take the ICCRC Full Skills Exam.

Kindly note that there is sometimes a slight difference in the title given to Commissioners for Oaths in various provinces. In Ontario, Prince Edward Island and B.C., they are called a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits.

ICCRC Exam Prep CFOaths

What does a Commissioner for Oaths do?

– Can administer oaths on documents within the province or territory that he / she has been appointed in, but not for other provinces. For example, an RCIC who is also a Commissioner for Oaths in Manitoba could not conduct an oath for a document that will be filed in Ontario.

-Cannot sign passports, certify official documents, or authenticate signatures


What are the requirements to become a Commissioner for Oaths?

– Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident

– 18+ years of age

– No criminal record

– Your job must usually be related to law to show the need for this distinction

– In some provinces, you will be required to pass a test

– pay the $50-$150 fee

You can find more information for specific provinces by using these links




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