At our online seminar this past weekend, there were a number of excellent questions asked by future RCICs who will take the May 8th exam.

One of the questions was with regard to explaining what substituted evaluation is.

As this might be a question some other people might have, here is everything you need to answer this question.


What is substituted evaluation?

Here is our link for the Federal Skilled Worker lesson. At the end of the points video we discuss this.

R76(3) is one of the sections of IRPA/R that covers this, but you’ll see similar articles with most economic immigration streams.

Wickramasekera v. Canada provides clarification on when substituted evaluation is used in accordance with R76(3)

Wijayansinghe v. Canada is a great case to read so you can have a better understanding of negative substitution of evaluation under R76(3)


A big thank you for your questions and thank you for allowing us to help you pass the ICCRC Full Skills Exam!



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