Here at, we often get asked the question ‘Which Immigration Practitioner Program should I take?’

In order to make sure that we can answer as thoroughly as possible, we make a point of visiting the schools which offer the Immigration Practitioner Certificates to meet the staff and review their program. This also helps us to assess which areas our clients are experts in and which areas they might need help in for the individualised study plan which we offer to seminar takers.

This week, we met with the Academy of Learning College in Toronto and are pleased to inform you that everyone we met, from the director, Mr. Dickins, to the Admissions Coordinator, Mrs. Yang, to the main lecturer, Mr. Hamid, are 100% committed to helping you reach your goals of becoming an RCIC. In fact, our 20 minute meeting wound up being almost 2 hours long since they are as passionate about improving Canada’s immigration system as we are!

If you are in Toronto and thinking of becoming an RCIC, after careful review, recommends this program.

*Note that we are not paid for reviewing this program – we simply like to inform you of programs and people we meet who share the same philosophy as us with regard to helping people become RCICs.

For more information on this program, feel free to contact the school directly at

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