Understanding which areas to prioritize while studying for the ICCRC Exam is certainly not an easy task.

Immigration Law is a huge, diverse topic and most of our clients are juggling family, work, and other commitments on top of their ICCRC Exam Preparation studies.

If you are just beginning your studies, here are 4 steps to follow to make sure you are maximizing your time!

5 STEPS TO MAXIMIZING YOUR ICCRC EXAM PREPARATION STUDY-TIME 1.Join our seminar or watch the video of the event 2.Use your Test Day Data Booklet as the central source of information by filling it with notes 3.Work through the self-access videos and the 4 x 140 Question Exam Simulations 4.Get a score and a thorough analysis of your strengths and weaknesses at the end of each Exam Simulation 5.Refine and implement your ever-changing individual study plan and repeat until you’re ready for the real exam!

Does this system work? YES!!! But only if you are willing to work hard.

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