Here at, we pride ourselves on having passionate, dedicated, experts to help you reach your ICCRC Exam goals!

Our lead instructor, Kyle Broda, RCIC, holds several academic qualifications, including a Master of Education as well as a Master of Linguistics Degree with a specialization in Testing and Assessment.

He has over a decade of experience as an examiner, examiner-trainer, teacher and teacher-trainer and loves helping future RCICs get the #ICCRC #Exam results they need.

After graduating from university in Canada, he spent a year as a volunteer, teaching refugees at a refugee camp on the border of Myanmar and Thailand.

After this, he went on to teach exam preparation-related subjects at several of the top universities in the world, including McGill University (Canada), Chonnam National University (Korea), Changchun University (China), University of Southern Queensland (Australia) and the Australian Catholic University.

All of these travels led him to want to study Immigration Law, so he studied for his Immigration Consultant Diploma at Lasalle College in Montreal and passed his ICCRC Exam immediately after graduating.

He has been the lead instructor and curriculum designer for since 2012 and has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals of passing the ICCRC Exam to become RCICs.

These days, he also conducts lectures on Immigration Law, RCIC Business Development, as well as Teacher and Examiner Training.

Come meet the rest of the team!

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