Once you pass your ICCRC Full Skills Exam, one of the areas you might focus on is helping students come to Canada and then transition to becoming Permanent Residents after graduation.

Here is an example of someone who was exploring this plan, but did not meet the work experience requirements to be offered an ITA through Express Entry.

If he had contacted an RCIC after graduating, the RCIC would have helped him plan out exactly what to do during his 3-year Post Grad Work Permit in order to be eligible for one or more immigration programs.

Here is the article: http://www.therecord.com/news-story/6736986-waterloo-grad-s-fight-to-stay-in-canada-hinges-on-job/

And here is our lesson on the Canadian Experience Class as it relates to your upcoming ICCRC Full Skills Exam: https://exampreparation.ca/blog/canadian-experience-class-lesson-for-your-iccrc-full-skills-exam/

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