The ICCRC will begin regulating International Student Advisors in 2015!

From the ICCRC press release:

Q: Why did ICCRC establish the RISIA credential?
A: In 2013 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) determined that while International Student
Advisors (ISAs) working in the Canadian educational sector were required to comply with Section 91
of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), it was not necessary for them to become
RCICs since they answered questions on a very limited number of immigration matters, which
formed only a small part of their work load. According to RCICs who are also ISAs, less than 20% of
their time is spent on Immigration related matters. CIC asked ICCRC to regulate ISAs so that they
could continue to offer this limited immigration advice on matters relating to international

Q: What do ISAs do?
A: ISAs answer questions from international students on many issues. New students frequently need
assistance with everything from where to buy groceries or to how to find a doctor, to questions
about navigating around a campus or a city. Sometimes, usually long after they have started their
studies, they may have questions about what they can do while on a student visa. Can they work?
Can they change classes? Can they leave Canada and return?

This is a very interesting development from the ICCRC and we believe that this will strengthen Canada’s reputation as a great place for international students to come and study!

As more details are released, we’ll be sure to keep you informed!

For more information, be sure to read the press release in full by clicking here

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