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$90.00 (plus tax) for 6 months

Access to this exclusive content as many times as you want over 6 months after your purchase.


Complete your preparation with these important lessons which will take you to the next level to pass your Entry-to-Practice Exam!

By buying this product, you will receive full access to our exclusive lessons on Refugees/Protected Persons, PRRA, LMIAs, Caregivers, Agents, and Undertaking. These lessons cover over 19 hours of your preparation.

The access to these lessons is only temporary and will expire 6 months after the date of your purchase. If you want to have access for longer, you are free to place another order for another 6 months.

If at any moment, we have any more exclusive lessons available, they will be automatically added to this product for the remaining time of your access.

These lessons are offered for free when buying the Full Package (different conditions apply).

*No cancelation/refund applies.


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