Our ICCRC Exam Prep Seminar + Test Day Data Booklet

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“I just want to let you know that I passed the EPE exam which took place last February. Thank you for your amazing lessons, simulations and seminar.”

Lina Ferre (April 7 2020)

“Just want to let you know, I received the results of my RCIC exams today and I Passed! Big thank you to the team, for their support, the videos and the seminar session paid off. Even though the road seemed a bit bumpy for me I was able to pull through, thanks for your confidence in me. Thank again, hope I can still get your support for the remaining part of my journey in becoming fully established as an immigration consultant.”

Maryan Owolabi (March 27 2020)

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This is for those who want to take our seminar to be prepared for the ICCRC Entry to Practice – Full Skills Exam!

You will receive:
1) Test Day Data Booklet
2) Full Seminar preparation session, which you can take in-person in Montreal and Toronto, or online
3) Online access to the 140 Questions Seminar Edition Simulation
4) Individual Feedback: A personalized assessment of your performance in the 140 Questions Booklet Seminar Edition
5) Individual Study Plan: A personalized study plan to help you prioritize which areas you need to focus on for the ICCRC exam

You have the option of joining this 10-hour long training seminar in-person in Montreal, Calgary, Toronto, or online.

So far, the majority of our clients who have taken the seminar have passed the exam and we hope to keep it that way by providing you with the best materials and preparation techniques to help you pass the ICCRC Exam!

Your Test Day Data Booklet will be mailed to you.

This package does NOT include;
6) Simulation 1, 2, and 3
8) Our ADDITIONAL LESSONS on Refugees (10 hours) and LMIAs (4 hours) and PRRA (1.5 hours)


Day 1 (5.5 hours)
Exam procedure –> What to expect on exam day.
Question types –> The 4 exam question types to expect.
Time-saving techniques –> 3 techniques that will save you at least 40 minutes on test day.

Day 2 (4.5 hours) 
3-hour Exam Simulation –> 100 Question EPE-FSE Assessment covering all topics of your upcoming test (this is a Special Edition Exam only available for seminar attendees).

After your seminar, you will receive by email a grade and, more importantly, an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.
You will have your individual study plan to complete at home.

* We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied (refer to FAQ), so be sure to sign up early!

** As we update all of our material based on the 90-day cut-off imposed by the ICCRC, we recommend ordering our materials within 90 days of your exam. If you decide to order outside of the 90-day window or reschedule your exam, we will not be able to send you the updated materials.

*** Only the person registered for the seminar is allowed to attend the session. During live online sessions, if the instructor discovers a non-registered person is attending, you will receive a one-time warning to leave the seminar. Otherwise, the instructor will terminate your connection and no refund applies.


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