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Don’t waste valuable minutes on test day by looking through IRPA or your notes for answers to simple questions.

Our Test Day Data Booklet is one of the only sources you will need on your exam day if you know how to use it by preparing yourself with our Free Lessons and Simulation Exams.
The Test Day Data Booklet is a 50+ page summary of the following topics:
ICCRC, Committees, Complaints and Discipline Process, Client Account, Code of Professional Ethics, Retainer/Agent Agreements, Withdrawal from representation, Agents, RISIAs, Canada’s System of Government, Canadian Charter, Distribution of Legislative Powers, Hierarchy of Courts, Delays, Inadmissibility, Rehabilitation, Refugees, Visitor Visa, eTA, Super Visa, Students, International Experience Canada, Caregivers, Temporary Foreign Workers, NAFTA, Family Class, Sponsorship, Express Entry, Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class, Start-up Visa, Investor Pilot Program, Self-Employed Persons, PNPs, National Occupational Classification, Language Tests, Educational Credential Assessment, PR Status, Citizenship, Where to apply, Federal and Quebec fees, CAQ, CSQ, Quebec Programs, Quebec Skilled Workers, Quebec Family Class, Quebec Entrepreneurs/Investors/Self-employed Persons, LICO, POF, Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project and more!

It was written in a way to help you access the information easily for the type of questions you should expect in your exam, in particular where you are required to know a specific piece of data.

The booklet will be mailed to you through XpressPost.

As we update all of our material based on the 90-day cut-off, we recommend you to order our materials within 90 days of your exam.


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