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I think the day I enrolled with you was the best decision of my career. I have done my Immigration Consultant certification from a very reputed institute, however even after achieving great grades in the course, I was lost and directionless. Joining this course and specially after attending the seminar, I am very clear about the direction I must pursue to excel in the exam. Thank you for the invaluable input during the seminar. Best thing about you is that I am confident that you are just an email away and the response time is so commendable… I can go on with my appreciation but I will cut it short and recommend to anyone reading this “Just go for it, you will thank yourself later for enrolling in the course + seminar”
Reena, April 9-10 2020 Online Seminar Attendee

Does this product work to help you pass the ICCRC Exam? Hundreds of RCICs say YES!!!


This is for those who want to cover all the bases and be 1000% prepared to succeed in the CICC Entry-to-Practice Exam!

You will receive:
1. Online access to our 10-hour live CICC EPE Preparation Seminar, which includes the recent changes to the exam format.

2. Online access to the recording of the seminar you participated in (this access will be available a couple of days after the seminar has taken place and will expire on the date you typed in for your CICC exam when placing your order with no option to extend it).

3. Our Test Day Data Booklet (you will receive it by Xpresspost). Even though your CICC exam is now closed-book, your Test Day Data Booklet is still a very valuable study tool.

4. Our Exam Simulations #1, #2, and #3 in booklet format with 135 questions each (you will receive them by Xpresspost).

5. Online access to Exam Simulation #1, #2, and #3 with 135 questions each (this access will expire on the date you typed in for your CICC exam when placing your order with no option to extend it).

6. Online access to the 135 Question Seminar Exam Simulation (this access will expire on the date you typed in for your CICC exam when placing your order with no option to extend it).

7. Individual Feedback: A personalized assessment of your performance in the Seminar Exam Simulation (this will be emailed to you within the week after the seminar).

8. Individual Study Plan: A personalized study plan to help you prioritize which areas you need to focus on for the CICC exam (this will be emailed to you within the week after the seminar).

9. Online access to our EXCLUSIVE LESSONS on Refugees, PRRA, LMIAs, and more (this access will expire 6 months after the date of your purchase).

10. Bonus: 60 hours of FREE IELTS LESSONS or TEF/TEFAQ LESSONS (this access will expire 60 days after the first use of the code you will receive).

So far, the majority of our clients who have taken our seminar have passed their exam at the first attempt and we hope to keep it that way by providing you with the best materials and preparation techniques to help you pass the CICC Entry-to-Practice Exam!


Day 1 (5.5 hours)
Exam procedure –> What to expect on exam day.
Question types –> The different question types to expect.
Time-saving techniques –> Techniques that will save you at least 40 minutes on test day.

Day 2 (4.5 hours) 
3-hour Exam Simulation –> 135 Questions covering all topics of your upcoming test (this is a Special Edition Exam only available for seminar attendees).

Within the week right after your seminar, you will receive by email your Individual Feedback and Study Plan for you to complete at home.

Important information to consider before making your purchase:

  • As we update our material based on the 90-day cut-off established by the CICC, we recommend ordering your materials within 90 days before your exam. If you decide to order outside of the 90-day window or reschedule your exam, we will not be able to send you the updated materials or extend your access. You will only have access to the online content until the date you typed in for your CICC exam when placing your order with us.
  • Only the information touched by a change in immigration law will be modified from one edition to another in order to keep our materials up to date. The rest of the content will stay the same.
  • Questions in Exam Simulations booklet format and Online Exam Simulations are the same.
  • Only the person registered for the seminar is allowed to access the material. During your access period, if we discover a non-registered person is accessing, in addition to the breach of ethics you would have displayed, we will terminate your connection and no refund applies.
  • We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for our seminars if you are not satisfied (refer to FAQ).
  • Once you make your purchase, online accesses cannot be extended/re-activated/shared under any circumstances.
  • Our material is produced through the public exam information provided by the CICC, combined with our expertise in exam preparation and RCIC education.
  • We are not privy to confidential information about the exams and all of our material should be considered as our own interpretation of what we suggest as a valid exam strategy. As such, there may be differences between our exam preparation materials and your actual exam.
  • Despite hundreds of testimonials from people who we have helped pass their regulatory exam, we do not suggest, imply or guarantee success in your CICC EPE.


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