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“I have just received my certificate from ICCRC having passed the Full Skills Exam on August 11, 2019 in Calgary on my first attempt.
I owe this achievement in large part to the invaluable support from the Full Skills Exam Prep team. I purchased the comprehensive package that included the 10-hour seminar in Calgary, 4 mock exams, bonus lessons (the lessons on refugee was the difference between pass and failure) and of course the Test Day Data Booklet. As this was my first multiple-choice exam the seminar was essential in gaining the strategy to successfully beat the clock. Following the feedback from the mock exam on day 2 of the seminar I was able to focus in on the important areas needed to pass the exam. I stuck to a learning plan and worked through every lesson twice and completed each exam every Sunday morning as instructed by you. As for the Test Day Data Booklet, I cannot see how it is possible to pass this exam without it. Now I have started our new educational and immigration practice I still use the Test Day Data Booklet as a professional reference almost daily.”
Aaron Briddon (February 18, 2020) R535601

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If you want to take an extra step in your CICC Exam preparation, it is recommended that you do all 3 of our CICC Exam Simulations. That is 405 questions!

Work through the Free Lessons, get familiar with your Test Day Data Booklet, and then test yourself in an exam setting by using the 3 simulations to prepare for the CICC Exam.

You will receive:

1. Our Exam Simulation #1, #2, and #3 in booklet format with 135 questions each.
2. An Answer Key for every exam simulation at the end of the booklet with the correct answers.
3. Online access to a Reference file to help you understand the answer to every question (this access will expire on the date you typed in for your CICC exam when placing your order with no option to extend it).

Important information to consider before making your purchase:

  • Your booklets will be mailed by Xpresspost (for more information about shipping).
  • As we update our material based on the 90-day cut-off established by the CICC, we recommend ordering your materials within 90 days before your exam. If you decide to order outside of the 90-day window or reschedule your exam, we will not be able to send you the updated materials or extend your access. You will only have access to the online content until the date you typed in for your CICC exam when placing your order with us.
  • Only the information touched by a change in immigration law will be modified from one edition to another in order to keep our materials up to date. The rest of the content will stay the same.
  • During the last week before the CICC Exam, the Exam Simulation Booklets may be substituted with Online Exam Simulations due to items being sold out/out of stock.
  • Questions in Exam Simulations booklet format and Online Exam Simulations are the same.
  • Once you make your purchase, online access cannot be extended/re-activated/shared under any circumstances.
  • Our material is produced through the public exam information provided by the CICC, combined with our expertise in exam preparation and RCIC education.
  • We are not privy to confidential information about the exams and all of our material should be considered as our own interpretation of what we suggest as a valid exam strategy. As such, there may be differences between our exam preparation materials and your actual exam.
  • Despite hundreds of testimonials from people who we have helped pass their regulatory exam, we do not suggest, imply or guarantee success in your CICC EPE.


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