Test Day Data Booklet (English)

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Our Test Day Data Booklet is the ultimate preparation and success tool!

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Even though your CICC exam is now closed-book, your Test Day Data Booklet is still a very valuable study tool!

This is an easy-to-use summary with everything you can expect on your exam. Once you practice with our materials, you will be able to answer several questions in the actual exam in 20 seconds or less.

The Test Day Data Booklet is a 55+ page summary of the following topics:
CICC, Canadian Immigration System, Delays, Inadmissibility, Rehabilitation, Refugees, Visitor Visa, eTA, Super Visa, Students, International Experience Canada, Caregivers, Temporary Foreign Workers, LMIA, Family Class, Sponsorship, Express Entry, Federal Skilled Workers, Federal Skilled Trades, Canadian Experience Class, Start-up Visa, Self-Employed Persons, PNPs, Atlantic Program, Rural Program, Agri-Food Program, National Occupational Classification (NOC), Language Tests, PR Status, Citizenship, Where to apply, Federal and Quebec fees, CAQ, CSQ, Quebec Skilled Workers, Quebec Family Class, Quebec Business People, LICO, POF, and more!

Important information to consider before making your purchase:

  • Your Test Day Data Booklet will be mailed by Xpresspost (for more information about shipping).
  • As we update our material based on the 90-day cut-off established by the CICC, we recommend ordering your materials within 90 days before your exam. If you decide to order outside of the 90-day window or reschedule your exam, we will not be able to send you the updated materials.
  • Only the information touched by a change in immigration law will be modified from one edition to another in order to keep our materials up to date. The rest of the content will stay the same.
  • Our material is produced through the public exam information provided by the CICC, combined with our expertise in exam preparation and RCIC education.
  • We are not privy to confidential information about the exams and all of our material should be considered as our own interpretation of what we suggest as a valid exam strategy. As such, there may be differences between our exam preparation materials and your actual exam.
  • Despite hundreds of testimonials from people who we have helped pass their regulatory exam, we do not suggest, imply or guarantee success in your CICC EPE.


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