In updating the most recent version of the simulations, a couple of small mistakes snuck by us and were included in a few of the books that were sent out.

Here are the corrected versions of those questions and the answers/explanations can be found here:

Simulation 1 Question #7

Milana is a citizen of Belarus who contacted Veronika, an RCIC to explore options to immigrate to Canada because she has always wanted to live in either the Maritimes or the Prairies. Milana is 38 years old and has $389,000 in net worth with $263,000 available immediately for investment in a business. She explains that she has managed and owned her own business in repairing medical equipment for the last 7 years and received her Medical Technician Certificate from her local university after completing a 6-month course.
She explains that she would like to open a similar business in Canada and is ready to make exploratory visits to help in formulating her business plan. She is also looking forward to interviewing with immigration officials so they can see how eager she is to contribute to Canada. Which immigration option would RCIC Veronika recommend?
a. Newfoundland & Labrador Skilled Worker Stream
b. Prince Edward Island 100% Ownership Business Impact Stream
c. Manitoba Business Applicant Stream
d. Nova Scotia Semi-Skilled and Low-Skilled Worker Stream


Simulation 2 Question #95

The answer should be 15 days.


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