Happy clients

We constantly receive emails from clients telling us about how the books and seminars helped them reach their goal of becoming a member of the ICCRC. Here are just a few from recently:

“Thank you so much again for the video lectures, webinars, feedback and last minute tips. I successfully passed the Dec. 2022 EPE! I wouldn’t achieve that without your help, as I graduated from my immigration program 3 years ago. I am so grateful to you.”

Pierangelo Lombos

(February 2, 2023)

“I want to say a very big thank you for the excellent ICCRC-EPE exam preparation materials and sessions they hosted ahead of the Feb 2021 EPE diet. The delivery of the two-day session was very professional and the hands-on preparatory training conducted for the cohort was absolutely brilliant. The test day data booklet and the simulation materials contained practice questions that helped to demystify many of the tricky areas of the EPE. I am delighted to have passed the EPE exam at the first sitting. I am even more delighted that those simulation materials are very good references for professional practice. I strongly recommend the exam preparation sessions for anyone who wants the analytical, evaluative, and decision-making skills that the exam questions require.”

(March 23, 2021)

“I was taking my immigration course through school, i came across the exam prep course and decided it would be a great tool to add to helping out at exam time. The lessons and instruction were great, the exam simulations help to make sure you are prepared. the best part was receiving a personalized study plan. This will help to make the best of time studying.”

Sandra Southwood

(January 2021)

“I felt very much relaxed with the strategy to manage the time and the best idea was of coding. I would highly recommend exam preparation.”

Ulka Shah

(January 2021)

“I was lost on where to start before this seminar but now I am completely focused.”

Gurtaj Mattu

(January 2021)

“I’m so glad I took the seminar. I especially benefitted from the test taking tips when it comes to doing a timed exam. Doing the exam simulation made me realize what I need to do to prepare for the real exam. I feel more focused and less stressed now in preparing for the EPE. Thanks so much!”

Megan Crowther

(January 2021)

“I wanted to send my kudos and thanks to the Exam Prep team for the webinar and material. I have successfully passed the EPE using the material. When I received my results, I remembered the instructor read an email – similar to this one – at the beginning of our webinar. It took away the stress of the exam and diverted my attention to thinking that I will send a similar thank-you email to you one day. So, here I am doing it. Hopefully, it will help others by giving that much needed extra ‘dose’ of confidence. Thanks again for the guidance.”
P. T.

(December 23, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“Thank you for such an informative seminar .
The best thing I liked about it was the level of involvement you had.
You answered everyone’s query in detail and with patience.
Kudos to the team for the hard work you put into the seminars.”

(October, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“Prior to the seminar, I was very confused and not confident because I couldn’t achieve the required IELTS score thus I felt so unmotivated.
During the seminar, Kyle was very patient and made me very comfortable.
He was super nice to everyone for the whole seminar and I was so amazed with his teaching style.
I learned so much and felt much better after the seminar. I am now very motivated and truly eager to study hard.
I absolutely recommend this course!”

Meitha Ratu

(October, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“This is to update you on my August‘s result. I had got the full seminar package for the preparation of August EPE 2020. I have got my result today and wanted to proudly share that with you, I passed. I would like to give you the credit for uploading the video and making the simulation booklet, it helped me a lot. Thank you so very much. It was a great help from your side.”
Harpreet Dhillon

(October 2, 2020)

“I just want to let you know that I passed the EPE exam which took place last February. Thank you for your amazing lessons, simulations and seminar.”
Lina Ferre

(April 7 2020)

“I have just received my certificate from ICCRC having passed the Full Skills Exam on August 11, 2019 in Calgary on my first attempt.
I owe this achievement in large part to the invaluable support from the Full Skills Exam Prep team. I purchased the comprehensive package that included the 10-hour seminar in Calgary, 4 mock exams, bonus lessons (the lessons on refugee was the difference between pass and failure) and of course the Test Day Data Booklet. As this was my first multiple-choice exam the seminar was essential in gaining the strategy to successfully beat the clock. Following the feedback from the mock exam on day 2 of the seminar I was able to focus in on the important areas needed to pass the exam. I stuck to a learning plan and worked through every lesson twice and completed each exam every Sunday morning as instructed by you. As for the Test Day Data Booklet, I cannot see how it is possible to pass this exam without it. Now I have started our new educational and immigration practice I still use the Test Day Data Booklet as a professional reference almost daily.”

Aaron Briddon

(February 18 2020), R535601

“I was one of the seminar attendees. I would like to inform you that I passed my license exam. I got my results today. Thank you so much for all your help & guidance.”

Sandeep Kaur

(March 27 2020), R530223

“I would like to share the good news with you! I SUCCEEDED THE EXAM on the first try! I prayed a lot & I followed all of your advice. Thank you so much for being part of my success!”

Martine Lefèvre

(March 27 2020)

“I am writing to let you know that I passed the EPE exam. Thank you very much for everything.”
Abdo Jawass

(March 27 2020)

“Permettez-moi de vous informer de ma réussite à l’examen EAP. Je saisis l’opportunité pour vous remercier de l’aide que vous m’avez apportée. Il ne fait aucun doute que vos matériels de formation disponibles sur votre site ont contribué à ma réussite.”

Patrick Jean Leger

(May 31, 2023)

“I would like to share the good news with you about successfully becoming an RCIC. Thanks to your guidance and support, I was able to navigate through the different challenges and experiences that came along with this opportunity. I cannot imagine how I would have managed to get here without your help.”
Gurkirpal Singh

(January 23, 2021)

“I was really behind in my studies for the ICCRC exam when I found out about the Full Skills Exam Prep website. I watched some of the free lessons videos, which were very interesting. The lectures are delivered in a very captivating manner. I decided to purchase the full seminar package with the Test day data booklet and the three exam simulation booklets. After practising with the exam simulations and attending the two day seminar, I know feel more confident that I am on my way to pass the ICCRC exam. I recommend the Full Skills Exam Prep ICCRC exam preparation products to other future RCICs.”

K. Anks

(January 2021)

“Before I joined this seminar, I wasn’t focused on what I am doing! It brought me to lots of focus 🙂 Much relieved with anxiety and more concentration target date! I will recommend it to future RCICs for sure :D”


(January 2021)

“It was very helpful to pass the on-line exam simulation. By using time-saving methods we will able to answer all the questions in 3 hours and reach our goals. Less stress after the seminar compared with before. Highly recommended.”


(January 2021)

“I did not know where to begin for my upcoming EPE with so much information to study. Fullskillsexamprep broke down the information in small pieces with excellent videos and support so I could formulate a study plan with ease. After taking their EPE prep seminar I was aware of the potential pitfalls of the exam and equipped with the tools to handle them. Their test day data booklet made it so simple on exam day to access all the reference information needed to confirm my answers so I was able to complete the exam with time to spare. I have successfully passed the RCIC EPE with the fantastic support from the Fullskillsexamprep team. I would highly recommend their services to all aspiring RCIC’s before they take their EPE!”

(November, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“I spent about two months exclusively for the preparation of the EPE exam and looked through the entire Act &Regulation, practised all the exercises I could have collected on my own, I felt a little confident to pass until I got to view the seminar video of ExamPrep which makes me realize the distance between my understanding and the reality. The ExamPrep is very much elaborately designed by very experienced master who makes me not only understand the profession better, but also learn more insights of many concepts that I’m sure I will encounter in my future career! Any one preparing for the EPE should really take a look at this seminar!”


(October, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“I was in the dilemma of how and from where should I start my studies. I studied, but I was never confident enough.
When I joined the seminar, after understanding the strategies I was amazed by my confidence level during the seminar simulation exam.
The seminar helped in accuracy, speed, and techniques to fight the time pressure.
The Test Day Data booklet took away my stress of making notes.
I would recommend to each and every individual who wants to be a successful ICCRC.”


(October, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“Before the seminar, I was a bit nervous, but felt better afterwards. An area I learned about that helped a lot was ideas on the key focus area of the ICCRC exam. I have already recommend your course to my ex CDI mates who are planning to write their exams in Feb-2021!”
Anthony Akano

(October, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“I would like to thank all of you for the great materials and information you have provided in helping me with the exam. I successfully passed the exam last February 2 and now I’m just waiting for the response with my license application with ICCRC. The seminar was great help for me in taking the exam. I applied all the techniques I learned in the seminar and I was able to finished the exam on time. While I see other examinees with loads of notes, books, IRPA and IRPR, I only brought with me the Exam day Test Booklet and It was very useful. Thank you once again for your help. Your team have done an amazing job in creating all the review materials.”
Nina Hetrosa

(May 9, 2020)

“I Got my result this morning and passed my RCIC EPE February 2, 2020. Thank you so much for all your coaching. This had been my best decision ever to take your Full skill exam seminar where I learned amazing techniques on how to attempt the exam. The test papers, seminar, videos were a great help in making my concepts clear on all the topics. I have no words to express my gratitude. Once again thank you to all team members for helping me in achieving this success. Truly appreciate and so grateful.”
Aman Priya

(March 28 2020)

“I am delighted to share with you my positive exam results. Thank you.”
Yussuf Hassan

(March 28 2020)

“Just want to let you know, I received the results of my RCIC exams today and I Passed! Big thank you to the team, for their support, the videos and the seminar session paid off. Even though the road seemed a bit bumpy for me I was able to pull through, thanks for your confidence in me. Thank again, hope I can still get your support for the remaining part of my journey in becoming fully established as an immigration consultant.”
Maryan Owolabi

(March 27 2020)

“Prior to taking my Entry to Practice exam last August I purchased your Test Day Data Booklet and Exam Simulations 1, 2 and 3. They were an immense help in preparing for the exam and I had time during the exam to correct a few of my responses after consulting the Test Day Booklet.”
Don Curry

(January 30 2020), R535613

“Thank you so much for all your help! I passed the September 2023 EPE!!! Your advice on how to handle questions and timing helped so much. Your lessons/videos on the various immigration topics were an incredibly helpful refresher on the various immigration topics and the exam and seminar simulations helped me to identify the areas I may want to practice in the future and the areas I needed to spend more time studying. I’m eternally grateful!”

Shan Scott

(October 26, 2023)

“After watching all the online videos generously shared with everyone free on their website, I purchased the full package which included his 2-day online seminar. I definitely learned a lot from the seminar and now feel much more confident in writing the EPE. Offered great tips on how to tackle the 140 questions in 3 hours. Having all the essential info packed in one book, the Test Day Data Booklet makes it possible to have the info easily accessible. I highly recommend the full package to all EPE-takers.”


(January 2021)

“I took the EPE in November 2020. I passed and I thought to thank you for all your resources. It was worth my money, time and effort. Your team did an excellent job with the videos, study materials and seminar. I have spoken to many future test takers about you already. So I thought to send you this email as well. Thank you and keep up the good job.”
Sherifat Onabanjo

(January, 2021)

“Its been a year since I took the course. I felt the videos and seminar refreshed my memory. Will definitely recommend.”


(January 2021)

“I believe that I took the right decision to buy the whole package, as the seminars are very valuable to learn the best techniques to deal with different types of exam questions , besides the bonus lessons , the exam simulation and the test day data booklet . I will recommend this course to others .”

Girgis Abdelmalek

(January 2021)

“I took the full package for the preparation of my EPE exam. I am pleased to inform you that I have successfully passed the exam on the first attempt. Moreover, all the strategies I learned during the seminar helped me to finish the exam 30 minutes ahead of time. I would like to thank you very much for the booklet and all your support, it saved my life.”
Kamalpreet Kaur

(December 15, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“I meant to send this email since the day the EPE results came out, and today I finally got a chance to send this email and say …….. THANK YOU! Thanks to you all. The Test Day Data Booklet was one of the best investments I made, and thanks to you all, I have successfully passed the EPE. I purchased the “Exam Preparation Books + Webinar,” which, in my opinion, is the BEST choice. The Test Day Data Booklet and the four exam simulation booklets boosted my confidence before and during the exam. The two days of the webinar was valuable as the focus was on the exam day questions and how to use different tactics to ace the exam. I listened to your free videos online and loved them; they are incredibly informative. Time is the biggest challenge that can be experienced during the EPE, and no matter how prepared you are, there is not enough time to go over the school notes. The great thing about this Test Day Data Booklet is that it has summarized all the modules and makes it much easier to navigate the material during the exam. Thank you for having such a great product in the market for all of us, the “future RCICs.” ”

R. R.

(October 16, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“I was overwhelmed by all of the information I needed to know before EPE. The seminar made it extremely easy for me to study and focus on the topics that are important. The best part of the seminar is learning how to take the EPE test. All the tips provided by Kyle was very helpful and instantly I felt better about taking the EPE.”

(October 19, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“Before joining this ICCRC exam preparation seminar, I planned to review the ACT, Regulation, and my past class notes.
After taking the mock exam, the whole plan changed. I realized my biggest issue is how to organize material efficiently in order to complete 140 questions within three hours.
I highly recommend this seminar to any future RCICs who want to pass the exam on the first attempt.
The video lessons and the test day data booklet are very helpful during the review.”

(October, 2020), Seminar-Taker

“Just to let you know I passed the exam. It was my first attempt and 99% I followed only your materials but extremely thoroughly. Thanks for all your guidance.”
Yasara Perera

(October 3, 2020)

“I want to let you know that I passed the February 2020 Entry to Practice Exam. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of your team. I really appreciate all the free lessons on your website. I was so impressed with how they were carefully delivered which prompted me to get the full package. At first I was hesitant to get the complete package because I thought it was expensive, but soon I realized it was all worth it. I wouldn’t have finished the exam If I didn’t know all the techniques you’ve shared during the seminar. I appreciate all your hardwork and passion in developing these lessons. I wish you more success in the future and keep up the good work!”
Jemie Liwanag

(April 9, 2020)

“This seminar is well worth your time. The techniques they teach you and the insight provided are valuable tools that will help you feel more prepared, ease some of the anxiety around the EPE exam and give you a clearer path on what areas of immigration you need to reinforce/cover to increase your chances to pass the test. I’m glad I took this seminar and will totally recommend it.”
Seminar Participant

(March 27, 2020)

“Thank you so much for your study materials especially Test day data booklet, Exam simulations and Seminar which helped me to pass RCIC EPE exam in first attempt. Attending Seminar of two days really boosted my confidence and prepared me with all the techniques to successfully complete the 140 questions in 3 hours. To be honest, I followed all your tips and could complete the exam with 20 mins remaining. I strongly recommended everyone to attain the Seminar ( if possible in person) which is a key to succeed the EPE. Once again Thank you for your support to take me to the next level.”

(March 30 2020)

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