Happy clients

We constantly receive emails from clients telling us about how the books and seminars helped them reach their goal of becoming a member of the ICCRC. Here are just a few from recently (continuation):

“I just want to let you know that I passed the exam from the first try!!! I want to thank you for the study materials, I got the full package, it was tremendously helpful and I believe I would have had a truly harder time with exam preparations if I did not use your materials. I am also keeping the booklet, as I believe it will come handy, soon.:) Thank you so much for the work you’ve done and doing with preparing those materials. Thank you for your time, and your efforts; you care a lot about our success and it is obvious from the quality of your work and the free materials you provide, which helped me to make my decision to purchase the full package in the first place. Thank you a TON!”


(October 2, 2019)

“Your free online modules are made perfectly for us aspiring RCICs. Your test day data booklet was a magic for me as well as the set of 3 test simulations. I passed the test because you have made me build my strategy for the test. Thank you!”

Pagaduan Mac Vergel

(July 10 2019), R533465

“I am happy to inform you that I have passed the Entry-to-Practice exam. Thank you very much for your informative seminar and the valuable materials, without which I don’t think I would be able to pass the exam at the first time.”
Trang Cao

(June 19, 2019), R535151

“I just want to thank you for the extraordinary guidance you have imparted during the seminar especially on time management. I was able to successfully hurdle the full skills exam / EPE on my first attempt last 5 May 2019. Your approach is extraordinary. While I was a bit frustrated when I got a 70% mark in the seminar simulation exam result after following your advice,-a technique which can be learned during the seminar, the result was very successful in as much as was able to finish the entire exam in just 2hours and 20minutes. Thank you FSEprep Team!”
Joseph Estella

(June 18, 2019), R533825

“I just want to let you know that I just passed my first EPE on Feb 3rd! It’s all thanks to the package (test day data booklet + 4 exam simulation books) and free lessons that I got from you. I literally only used and referred to the test day data booklet during the exam plus having the confidence to handle the time pressure that I got when practising 4 simulation book, I totally rocked it! Thank you very much and I wish you all the best :-)”
Trang Do

(March 10, 2019), R532729

“Wanted to thank you for all the tips for the exam, just wanted to inform you that I passed my EPE exam. Your Toronto seminar was very helpful.”
Navneet Kaur

(March 8, 2019), R534005

“Needless to say, FullSkillsExamPrep.com was my best friend during my preparation period for the ICCRC full skills exam in 2018. I had watched all of the free lesson videos online, and purchased all of the ICCRC Full Skills Exam Prep Books way in advance before the exam. I took the seminar in January 2018 in Toronto and successfully passed my corresponding ICCRC exam in February 2018. I would like to say that each of those preparation steps played an important role in my success, but I can say the seminar was a boomer!! I am extremely thankful for this team in helping me achieve this important goal. Today I am a successful business owner and I have a partnership with the company in providing my clients with amazing IELTS preparation materials through www.EnglishExamPrep.com. Last but not least, I also took most of my required CPD courses last year from www.rciccpd.ca which is also run by the same team (Integra Canadian Immigration Services). I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for us in 2019.”
Yildiz (Star) Ozaydemir

(January 24,2019), R525111

“I just wanted to let you know that I deeply appreciate your work. I took Enter-to-practice exam in August and successfully passed the exam. Despite the change of format, I feel the study material and the test day data booklet was helpful. Again, I thank you for your hard work.”
Yusuke Hyogo

(October 1, 2018), R530517

“I passed the August 12, 2018 EPE on my first attempt. I would like to thank the team for helping me prepare. The free lessons, test day data booklet and the exam simulation booklets really helped me prepare for the exam. I find each free lesson topic specifically to be very well prepared and clearly presented. I really appreciate it.”
Dean Pascual de Jesus

(September 16, 2018), R530469

“J’aimerais bien vous dire merci car grâce à votre aide par le séminaire et les simulations d’examen j’ai pu réussir mon examen dès le premier coup malgré que c’était 140 questions au lieu de 100. Merci énormément et au plaisir de vous revoir lors de mes prochaines démarches.”
Asma El Hammi

(September 13, 2018), R531577

“I would like to thank to the team of fullskillsexamprep.com for helping me in passing May 06th 2018 FSE in first attempt. The study material including simulation booklets and test day data booklet turned the mammoth task into a tiny exercise. I’m glad on my decision to trust upon you. All 4 books done magic for me. I would highly recommend this prep course to all the future ICCRC exam writers.”
Harpreetinder Phoolka

(June 2, 2018), R531049

“I am a former client of Full Skills Exam Prep. I wanted to inform that I recently passed my FSE, and I would like to thank you guys because I listened to the free lessons which were posted on your website, several times, which helped me to gain more knowledge and to be more confident. Thank you once again as you also play an important role in my success in FSE.”
Konesh Thurairasah

(March 17, 2018), R517808

“Hi, I took the seminar last January 2018, took the FSE in February and I passed!!! Thank you so much!”

(March 8, 2018)

“I passed the exam and want to thank you for all your support.”
Shahnaz Rafipour

(March 4, 2018), R530171

“I want to update and thank you for I just received the news that I passed my FSE :)”
Bassem Hafez

(March 1, 2018), R524322

“It is with great pride that I write to you today. I wrote the ICCRC full skills exams last November. I passed the exam and to tell the truth I could not have done it without your team. Your seminar really did it for me, I was totally confident and prepared. I cannot thank you enough.”
Judy-Ann Murray-Belgrove

(December 17, 2017), R518488

“It gives me pleasure to inform you that my first attempt at the ICCRC FSE held on 5th Nov’17 was successful and I am now in the process of registration. I would like to thank Full Skills Exam Prep team in helping me achieve this. The highlight for me was your scanning technique and the paper based simulation exams, along with the Test Day Data Booklet. Good luck in your future endeavours. Thank you.”
Sowali Nivrita

(December 5, 2017), R529746

“Je viens de réussir mon ENP. Merci pour votre collaboration.”
Charles Edorh

(December 2, 2017), R523255

“I wanted to give you an update about my exam. I did pass. The material i purchase from you definitely made me successful. Thank you.”
Maira Duarte

(October 13, 2017), R514749

“I passed the FSE on Nov 5. I am writing this email to say thank you so much for the excellent seminar and all the study materials.”
Angel Wang

(December 10,2017), R523548

“I am pleased to let you know that I availed your full EPE exam prep package and have passed my exam that I took in Nov. I just say that the material provided by fullskillsexamprep was really helpful in putting my knowledge into exam perspective and preparing me well for the exam. Thanks a lot.”
Parminderjit Sunner

(December 15, 2019)

“Just want to say thank you. I bought all 4 booklets (Test Day + the 3 simulation ones). Practising with them made the exam easier, and as such I was successful at my EPE exam. Thanks again for the time and effort you guys make to put these useful material together.”
Renee Barham

(October 2, 2019), R535591

“I wanted to say how invaluable Test Day Data Booklet, Seminars and Exam Simulations were in the lead up to the EPE. Whilst it is difficult to predict the EPE questions, the technique and time management tips were a tremendous help in enabling me to finish all the questions. This is the key to speed and completion; also allowing time to review for accuracy. From a personal experience perspective, more emphasis on Inadmissibility, Administrative Law, ID, In Canada/Permit Class would be really useful, going forward. The seminars are very worthwhile as this gives the opportunity to interact with the instructor. The measured and ‘non panic‘ approach is a real ‘grounder’. It got me totally in the zone a couple of weeks before the actual exam which was the focus I needed. Thanks so much and look forward to staying connected. I will certainly be using your CPD courses in the future!”
Orla Wilson

(June 19, 2019), R534245

“Hi there, just wanted to share the great news that I passed today then ICCRC Entry to practice exam. I wouldn’t have done it without you for prep of my May 5th exam! Thank you so much.”
Brigitte Khayat

(June 18, 2019), R533681

“Passed the exam. Your seminar helped me a lot. I had got only 57% in the exam – but your email was very encouraging. Thanks a lot. I will need help in setting up my business.”

(March 12, 2019)

“I am one of the attendees of your Full Skills Exam Prep seminar on December 2018 in Calgary. I am pleased to inform you that I successfully passed my ICCRC RCIC Entry to Practice Exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having conducted the seminar in Calgary and for sharing your exam prep resources. Your time saving techniques and materials – Test Dy Data Booklet and Exam Simulations helped me a lot in passing my EPE, considering that I had a very hectic schedule and limited time to prepare for the EPE.”
Myleen Baldazo

(March 9, 2019), R533297

“I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you! Your prep seminar was successful and helped me pass the EPE on my first try. Thank you!!
Moumita Chakraborty

(March 8, 2019), R532939

“Yes you were right, I had a chance to pass the exam and today I have successfully passed it. Thank you very much for your guidance, materials and final simulation. (I bought 600 CAD all included bundle). It was very and very helpful. It would be literally impossible to take this exam without YOU!!!”
Ruslan Ismayil-zada

(December 13, 2018), R531909

“I passed the August exam and I would like to thank you for your help. The data booklet is very helpful. Thank you!”

Hoda Koumna

(October 4, 2018), R524291

“Let you know I have passed the full skill exam, thank you so much for your help on my exam.”
Xiaohong Zuo

(September 22, 2018), R530773

“Thank you for the materials you work so hard to provide and making sure we are using the correct materials for the applicable exam dates. I recently took the exam on August 12th, 2018 which is when the new formatted exam known as the EPE was administered. Your quick contact to notify us and provide supplementary questions to help us prepare was much appreciated! I was successful! Thanks for the support! now moving on to the next steps to becoming an RCIC. I bought the simulation books, and test day data booklet to to use and prepare with. The help guided me and helped me study and also the comprehensive lessons online were a great tool and it even had a study schedule to follow as a suggestion. Overall great service and materials! Thanks for your help Full Skills Exam Prep!”
Cassandra Brennan

(September 19, 2018), R531447

“I just wanted to express my joy in passing the FSE on May 6th, 2018. I had taken the FSE before and I am the first to admit I was totally NOT prepared. Full Skills Exam Prep did just that. I took the seminar, went through the online free lessons twice and practiced with the 3 exam simulations and my confidence to take the FSE was boosted immensely. I went into the exam looking forward to tackling the questions rather than being extremely anxious. First rate preparatory materials!”
Ian Wood

(June 5, 2018)

“I have been meaning to let you know I have passed the FSE last February. The seminar, simulation booklets/exam and online videos had certainly contributed to my success. I was able to gauge if I am truly ready for the FSE and had guided me to polish my weak areas. It was worth the investment. Thank you for your brilliant FSE preparatory program.”
Wagjyl Lacbongan-Tinipac

(May 14, 2018), R530115

“I wanted you to know that yesterday became a special day after knowing I passed the Feb. 4th. ICCRC FSE (on my first try). This is a big news for me and you were an important part of my success. The well prepared materials and your professionalism, support and techniques throughout the seminar and emails were a great support to handle this important exam. Thank you so much!!!”
Hatsumi Miyamoto

(March 8, 2018), R530145

“I wanted to share with you that I have passed the full skills exam. Thank you for your team’s support.”
Ebru Albay

(March 8, 2018), R530037

“I passed. Thanks a lot for your coaching. I really appreciate it and I already recommended my classmates to register your course.”
Tingting Ye

(March 2, 2018), R530251

“I was a seminar attendee during Jan 2018 at Toronto and am delighted to inform you that I have passed the ICCRC exam. Thank you for your wonderful program – it played a vital role in my preparation for the exams and a special thank you for boosting my morale and confidence and also for all his wonderful tips. I look forward to working with your organization, especially for my Clients’ IELTS needs and will revert in this regard once all the formalities for obtaining my license are complete.”
Hemaltha Alexander

(March 1, 2018), R531187

“Just want to thank you for all the important keypoints during the seminar it helps me a lot to be successful and to overcome my exam anxiety! I passed in just 1 take.”
Amelia Ajoc

(December 9, 2017), R518392

“After completing the 2 days full exam prep course, I have to say I was very confident walking in for my exam and I Passed (y). I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making it happen. I will now start the process to become a full pledge Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Many thanks.”
Marceliza Manese

(December 2, 2017), R523637

“I just want to say that thanks to your seminar I passed my ICCRC exam. The booklets and seminar were crucial to be prepared for the big day. Thanks!!!!”
Mireya Perez

(December 4,2017), R520802

“I just wanted to advise you that I successfully passed the ICCRC entry to practice exam this last November. Thank you for your assistance and preparation!”
Simita Pandoh

(December 18 2019)

“Just wanted to share the good news. I passed my exam. Thanks for all your help.”

(October 22, 2019)

“Je voulais juste vous remercier pour les outils de soutien à ma préparation de l’examen. Le livre, les vidéos en ligne ainsi que les simulation d’examen m’ont beaucoup aidés pour ma réussite de l’examen d’Aout 2019. Bonne continuation.”
Saïd Chayane

(September 27, 2019)

“I appeared for my EPE on May 05, 2019 and passed it in my first attempt. The exam simulators, test day data booklet and free lessons on important topics helped me passed the exam in my first attempt. Thank you so much for having such a great content out which helps exam takers like us cover all the areas needed to pass the exam!”
Harikrishna Soni

(June 19, 2019), R534189

“I wanna Thank you for your help. I passed my exam. Got result yesterday. First attempt. Thank you again.”
Jatinder Sandhu

(June 19, 2019), R534957

“I would like to thank you very much for your hard work the free videos and the Testdata & simulation booklet really helped me to pass my exam. Thanks again for all your hard work and making the videos free for the students I recommend all students must go through the videos and the Booklet before writing the Entry to Practice exam.”

Karuvarasan Sundaravelu

(March 13, 2019), R532853

“I would like to thank you for the amazing job you guys do. Last Friday I received the good news that I have successfully passed the skill exam to become and ICCRC. Thank you so much.”
Zuleika Gonzalez

(March 11, 2019), R532323

“I passed the February exam! Thank you very much for your help! I found the webinar really helped me a lot! I practiced with the skills you taught us and really helps!”
Kam Cheung

(March 8, 2019), R528075

“Thank you so much much for your support and guidance in the preparation of exam and hence clearing it by studying the test day booklet, learning to use it and tips during the seminar. Thank you for your efforts to put the wanderers on track and getting through.”
Kirti Bhandari

(March 8, 2019), R531579

“I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam! The tests, booklet and the seminar were all very useful. But most importantly, you gave me the courage and inspiration to start my business. Thank you for that! Now, I’m waiting for my business name and membership to be approved, and I’m planning to visit Scotiabank and IDP soon.”
Burcu Akyol

(January 6, 2019), R531695

“We just received the results for the Nov 4 2018 full skills exam and I PASSED. I just graduated the immigration consultant program this past September, so it was my first try. I want to say a big thank you. I went through your exam prep videos and also purchased the 3 simulation booklets along with the exam day booklet and they were all such a huge help. Thank you SO MUCH! I’m so thrilled!”
Nana Hong

(December 13, 2018), R531895

“Thanks to full skill exam prep materials, I passed the ICCRC exam in August. It was a very challenging exam but I felt with the help of the simulation exams and the Test day data booklet, I was able to manage my time and get the result I wanted. Taking this prep course is highly recommended :)”
Banafsheh Behzadi

(September 21, 2018), R530727

“I just wanted to say Thank You for your knowledge base of very useful videos on your site, the three simulation tests and the test day data booklet. These were extremely helpful in prepping me for the exam. I also want to thank you for getting back to me regarding all my questions in a very timely manner before the August 12, 2018 exam. I have successfully passed the exam! Big Thanks!”
Nilofer Mehta

(September 14, 2018), R531125

“Hello Full Skills Team! I’m so excited for passing my RCIC Exam! I would like to think you for the material and feedbacks you provided. Going through your free lessons and simulation questions did really help with my exam preparations. Thank you!”
Prisca Jila

(September 13, 2018), R528987

“I just wanted to say thank you for your seminar. I successfully passed my exam but I’m not sure I would have without your Full Skills Exam Prep help.”
Allison Furlong

(June 3, 2018), R531023

“I have passed the full skill exam and I want to share this good new with you and your team. Thank you very much for your and your team’s very useful and kind help.”
Sen WU

(March 22, 2018), R524979

“I just received the result of my exam taken February 4 and i passed. Thank you so much for the help. Absolutely the online seminar is eye opening. From the bottom of my heart thank you and to all the staff.”
Marjorie Edrada

(March 8, 2018), R521425

“C’est pour vous aviser que j’ai réussi mon examen. Merci beaucoup!”
Guang Chen

(March 4, 2018), R530367

“I got my results:PASS/SUCCESSFUL of CRCIC exam on 4-Feb!!! Thank you so much for all of your great work, I got a lot of help from you!!! Specially your DATAbook and Simulation exercices!!! I suggest several of my classmates who will join in the CRCIC exam in May to order your books. Thank you very much again.”
Sabrina Wu

(March 2, 2018), R530243

“I just wanted to send you a thank you mail for all the work and effort you put into the online sessions and information on your website! I had also purchased the three mock exams to practice. Since managing time was my main issue, it was very good practice to pace myself and pay close attention to details/keywords/working, etc, especially with the longer scenarios. I took the FSE on Nov 5th, 2017 and passed successfully.”
Marion Tischmann

(January 8, 2018), R531187

“I thought you would like to know, I pass the Iccrc full skills exams. Thank you for your guidance.”
Rita Napal

(December 1, 2017)

“I cleared my exam. Thanks.”
Hiral Deenga

(December 2, 2017)

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