Happy clients

We constantly receive emails from clients telling us about how the books and seminars helped them reach their goal of becoming a member of the ICCRC. Here are just a few from recently (continuation):

“I got my results of the FSE from August 13, and with great pleasure because, I succeeded. Thank you so much for your exam materials, the seminar and your customer service (answering my email and questions promptly). I am beyond happy and grateful to you. Keep up the great work you and your team are doing. Kind regards.”

(September 11, 2017)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work that you put in preparing the students for the ICCRC Full Skills Exam. Your Test Day Data booklet, sample questions, and free lessons were amazing. I appreciate how the information was presented and analyzed, particularly how some of the challenging topics were simplified and linked to the case law. I truly feel that the knowledge gained from your books and lessons did not only help me pass my exam, but will continue to benefit me in my work as an RCIC.”
Sandra Pehilj

(June 5, 2017), R522965

“I am happy to inform you that I passed the May 7th ICCRC Full Skills Exam. Many thanks to fullskillsexamprep.com, the seminar and exam simulation booklets were very helpful, the test day booklet was all I needed on the exam day.”
Titilayo Mgbolu

(May 31, 2017), R520752

“I am so grateful to you and your program for helping me pass my ICCRC Full Skills Exam. Because of my heavy workload I was only able to study for only two weeks before taking the exams (not recommended for the weak of heart). I really would not have made it without attending your seminar and reading your books. It really works !!! Now I know why 97% of your clients pass. MORE POWER TO YOU !!!”
Ferdie Aguirre

(May 30, 2017), R522202

“Thank you for encouraging me, without your help, it would have been really hard to succeed. The materials and the seminar are really useful, as well as the Test Day booklet, I used it a lot during the exam.”
Mai Habib

(March 17, 2017), R527505

“Thank you very much for the training, online resources, and TEST DATA BOOKLET. With all your care I managed to pass the exam and moving forward to obtain my license. Thank you one more time for being the best preparation course in the market!”
Bohdana Stepanenko-Lypovyk

(March 9, 2017), R516168

“I have passed my iccrc full skill exam which i took february 5th 2017, i am very pleased and extremely appreciate your professional services and awesome study material and feedback. Special thanks to the instructor who managed the private seminar for me and it was one of the best seminar to pass the iccrc exam, and to make right choices in the exam. Thanks again,”

Shahid Nazir

(March 6, 2017), R514471

“I passed my FSE Exam in first attempt. I want to thank you for the FSE Exam material. I originally purchased it to appear in Dec.of 2016 however I was not able to. I was busy travelling since then and when I decided to appear for the Feb. 2017 FSE exam, I used the same material. I only had about 10 days to prepare for the exam and I am glad the I used the material provided by www.fullskillsexamprep.com. I believe your notes and Exam Simulation of which I was able to only complete 2 of them. Thanks to you and your team. When I browsed through the Exam booklet I felt like your material had actually prepared me for a much difficult exam than the one I was facing. I am glad that there are hardworking people like you who makes the life so easy for the exam taker. I will be gladly recommending your website to one and all. Keep up the good work.”
Syed Khaja Mohiuddin

(March 2, 2017)

“I would like to thank the whole team of fullskillsexamprep.com for providing the much needed advice and support. I am highly grateful to you. I was very much depressed after I failed in Nov attempt. I know I was not attempting the questions in the right manner. Your simulation helped a lot but I must say, your seminar did the trick for me. You gave me the right direction and I am so thrilled that I followed your advice and hence passed this exam. Thank you so much.”

(March 2, 2017)

“I got my results yesterday and I passed the FSE exam. Thank For your support and material.”
Howard Stolovitsky

(March 2, 2017), R516496

“I thank you from deep down from my heart for helping me to pass FSE, through your study materials and videos, I am really greatful to you and your team for the effort and valuable time. May God bless you and your team, wish you all the best and hope to work together.”
Walter Lobo

(Dec 7, 2016), R514673

“Just wanted to let you know I got the results early and passed the ICCRC Full Skills Exam. It was extremely difficult and I had my doubts but I Passed!! I’d like to thank you for your study guide and Test Day Data Booklet. I’m going to re-watch those videos because they are very well informed; not just for exam prep. The Seminar and those 400 simulation questions were definitely worth it. I learned a lot.”
Diane Campos

(Dec 1, 2016), R514134

“I took your preparation seminar online in preparation for the May exam. Your workshop provided me with fabulous tactics and methods, to allow me to efficiently tackle the questions. However, the weekend also made me realize that I was not ready to successfully write the exam at that time and I postponed my writing date. I spent the months that followed reviewing your videos and applying what you taught. The free lessons were more helpful that the many months I had spent in school and I walked into the August exam with real confidence. I wanted thank you for helping me succeed!”
Diana K

(Sep 20, 2016), R515938

“Thanks so much for all your help in the past 2 months, I passed my full skill exam! The Exam day booklet is soooo useful.”
Tongfei Liu

(Sep 7, 2016), R515989

“Today I received my results and I passed and I wanted to thank you. Thank you for doing what you do to help all those who want to be an Immigration Consultant. You helped me achieve my goal even in the most difficult of circumstances.”
Catharine Baier

(Sep 2, 2016), R515749

“I have passed the ICCRC exam which was written on August 7th. Your exam materials and seminar was so helpful to me and it really helped me to understand the question pattern and exam approaching methods. The seminar assessment helped me to understand my level of knowledge about each topics and that assessment encouraged me to work hard to achieve my goal. Thank you.”
Dijins Madathikudiyil

(Sep 2, 2016), R524968

“The Full Skills Exam preparation seminar was an invaluable resource in my preparation for the exam. Equally helpful was the Test Day Data booklet. Overall, both the guidance during the seminar as well as the content of the 4 Exam Simulation booklets helped me gain the much needed speed to complete all 100 questions on time. Thanks.”
Julius Awasom

(Jun 16, 2016), R515815

“I have passed the full skills exam and so happy to share the news with you. Thank you for your guidance. Full skill prep books and seminar has really helped me to achieve the goal. Keep up the hard work!!!”
Remya Menon

(Jun 7, 2016)

“Happily I passed, and I truly believe that this was in part due to the Full Skills Exam Prep Course I took. I think it was structured very well, the test booklets were great and the test day booklet – wonderful!!! Thank you, I will certainly recommend the course!!”
Lynne Ashby

(Jun 7, 2016), R516134

“I passed the exam. Thank you so much for the guidance and support. The exam booklet along with sample questions and seminar really helped to be successful.”
Neelima Bhardwaj / R515903

(Jun 7, 2016)

“I took the FSE exam in Calgary in February and received the results that I passed. The study guides and test day booklet were lifesavers. Thank you for having such a quality product. I noticed a fair number of other test takers had your guides as well.”
Charles Feinstein / R514884

(Mar 8, 2016)

“Just wanted to let you know that I passed my Full Skill Exam. Thank you very much for your guidance and help.”
Maryam Jula Zadeh / R515557

(Mar 4, 2016)

“You can congratulate me on passing my FSE exam successfully. I can assure you that it was only possible because of your training and mentoring. Thank you so much.”
Iqbal Sidhu

(October 3, 2017), R519893

“Thanks, full skills examination team, I just received my result I passed OMG amazing it is only full skills team who was there to answer my every question. Magic team Magic work. I appreciate how you guys helped me in the seminar, books, free lessons and answering my every single question. Keep this great work up.”
Seema Gill

(September 6, 2017), R520915

“I did pass the full skills exam. The seminar and the books were really helpful. Thank you very much all the team members.”
Jacob Thomas

(May 31, 2017), R521643

“I would just like to thank you for helping me to pass my exam finally. I purchased your Test Day Book along with your videos – it was amazing how these resources help.”
Sophia Fearon-Williams

(May 31, 2017), R516574

“Wow, wow, wow!!! I made it! you made it possible! I passed my exam! I really appreciate your coaching, it helpssssss! I’m so thankful to all of you, I’m so happy! I’m very grateful to Integra. Thanks in millions! Your exam day booklet, your seminar and all your simulation exams performed the miracle! Pls publish this on my behalf in your website! Keep the good work going….Shallom!!!”
Gboyega Kola Olatunbosun

(May 30, 2017), R51612

“Thank you so much for helping me pass the Full Skills Exam! I purchased your entire package. The study tips during the workshop were invaluable and the practice exams helped me to understand the process better as well as testing my knowledge level. And the Test Day Data booklet is something that not only helped me to have all of the relevant information at my fingertips during the exam, but I’ve kept it on my desk and continue to refer to it.”
Susan Melnichuk

(March 13, 2017), R518747

“Sorry for informing you so late but I wanted to share that I’ve passed my ICCRC exam ! ? It would not have been possible without your help. What we pay for your guidance is literally very little as compared to the benefit we get out of it. Your offer to help us at anytime, even after the seminar, speaks volumes about your selflessness and generosity. You cannot even surmise what it means to have support from you during the exam days. I do not have words to thank you for your help. I will always have great regard for you. Thank you so so much for everything.”
Kiran Bedi

(March 9, 2017), R520227

“I am happy for inform you that I passed the exam successfully. Thank you very much for your help in preparing for the exam. You are a very good teacher/instructor and your videos on fullskillsprep website are very instructive, for they helped me and my colleagues a great deal. I am most grateful. I hope some day we cross our paths and for sure I will let you know if I will need your help/advice as a new Consultant. Once again thanks.”
Blessing Iserhienrhien

(March 4, 2017), R520147

“Just want to let you know that I’ve received my ICCRC results an hour ago and I passed the exam. Wanted to thank you and your team who made this possible, it would have not been possible if I’ve not taken the seminar. You guys rock! Thanks for everything!”
Harpreet Kaur

(March 2, 2017), R520839

“I want to say a ‘Big Thank You’ to you and your entire crew for all your help! I passed!!! God bless you!!! Keep up the great work!!!”
Onyinye Chukwunyerenwa

(March 2, 2017), R520328

“I wanted to thank you on helping me pass my ICCRC Full Skills exam. I really believe that you are providing an amazing service. Thank you once again.”
Rahman Khan

(March 2, 2017), R518880

“Happy new year! Wish you had a wonderful holiday. I took a preparation course with you in 2016 October to prepare for the ICCRC FSE on November 6, 2016. I would like to let you know that I have passed the exam and am in the process of registering with the council. Thank you very much for your lessons, the simulations were great practices and the data booklet was extremely useful. I really would have had no time to review my answers if I did not have it with me.”
Stephanie Chau (Hong Ting)

(Jan 15, 2017), R519021

“This is just to say thank you for a well prepared exam prep seminar and booklets. Attending the webinar helped me to understand what the real exam was going to be about. I sat the November 6th exam and I am pleased to say that I passed and I am on my final journey to becoming an RCIC! I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks once again.”
Yemi Ogunlewe

(Dec 1, 2016), R515696

“Your class and success key points did it for me and I appreciate it so much. I passed the full skills exam despite preparing for it less than 3 weeks to the exam with my 12 hour 5 days a week job. The opportunity you gave me was all the motivation that I needed and your lessons did the rest. Once again, thank you so much.”
Chris Obodo

(Sep 22, 2016), R525578

“I am emailing you to let you know that I passed the exam! Thanks for your support and materials.”
Hyechung Cho

(Sep 8, 2016)

“I am very pleased to inform you that I have passed the Full Skills Exam. Thank you!”
Veronica Paneci

(Sep 6, 2016), R528014

“I got the wonderful news this morning. Your prep course definitely made the difference and pushed me 10 steps further ahead. Another 10 I had to take on my own, and then the actual exam I found to be much more complex and obscure than I suspected – another 10 steps beyond what I was prepared for! However and fortunately, I satisfied the ICCRC that I am ready to practice as an RCIC and I am thrilled! Thank you for support and sharing your knowledge to help those entering the profession.”
Jennifer Burns

(Sep 2, 2016), R529170

“I just found out that I finally passed the FSE. Thank you for all your help. Your techniques really work!”
Ayra Modalo

(Sep 2, 2016), R515979

“I just passed and succeed at the ICCRC may exam thanks to your exam simulation 1,2,3 and the test day booklet, they all really well prepare me for the exam.”

(Jun 12, 2016)

“I would like to express my gratitude for all your help. I passes the May 8 exam! I received a 28% score from the mock exam from the seminar (April 23) but after I reviewed using the test data booklet and study plan you sent me, in 2 weeks I was prepared to take the exam. Thank you. You guys are indeed the best.”
Margaux Masongsong

(Jun 7, 2016), R518735

“I did indeed pass and I believe it was the result of purchasing the full package. It was the perfect investment to secure my future as an RCIC. I am so grateful you guys exist. It’s a brilliant service you offer.”
Joanne Block

(Jun 7, 2016), R514950

“I got the positive result as well and I am on my way to be a formal member! The data booklet and seminar really help a lot, I don’t think I can pass the exam without doing that! Thanks a lot, the program you designed is well recommended and it do help candidates a lot! And I think that my result would be the best feedback of your hardworking. Thanks again and I am looking forward to future meeting in other programs!”
Abby Xu

(Jun 7, 2016), R524118

“Just wanted to say thank you it helped a lot. And yes i passed the FSE!”
Buena Bowman / R515495

(Mar 5, 2016)

“I have passed my exam, Thank you very much you guys were a great help in all process.”
Mohit Singla

(December 1, 2017), R526646

“I passed the exam. Thank you so much for all your help. It was really helpful to attend the seminar and all the materials.”
Martha Irene Murillo

(October 3, 2017), R529204

“I am very glad to inform you that i have passed the FSE taken in Aug. 2017. A big thank you to your team in imparting proper guidance through your exam simulations, seminar, etc. Thanks again for your superb and excellence study support.”
Arvind Kumar Kadian

(September 7, 2017), R522823

“I have received my exam result and I succeeded. I wanted to thank you for my success as you contributed to it significantly. I have had one month to prepare myself and didn’t know how to approach it. Your company was recommended to me by your former client, so I started to listen your free seminars. They were very simple, but extremely helpful to structure the information and remember the key points. I did the three exam simulations. I managed to answer all questions in 3 hours every time and I dramatically decreased the amount of mistaken answers: from 30 in the first package to 9 in the third one. I am absolutely sure that the way how you put your materials on the site is a unique and very successful way to study not only the subject itself but one’s own ability to write the exam. The real exam questions were very much close to what you offer in your materials. Thank you again and be sure you do a great job for all who are looking to prepare themselves for the FSE.”
Olga Basova

(May 31, 2017), R518159

“This to advise that I just got the FSE result and passed. Thanks for your efforts, material, and recommendations.”
Ghassan Aldeeb

(May 30, 2017), R522642

“I am pleased to inform you that I have passed the FSE exam in first attempt with the proper guidance of your team. Many thanks for your help and support. I am looking forward for your continue support and guidance.”
Renu Kulshrestha

(March 27, 2017), R523862

“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I’ve received my FSE results last week and that I was successful!!! What a relief! Also, please know that a great part of my success I credit to you and an amazing work you’d done compiling all the relevant information into the Test Day Data Booklet. In preparing for the exam, what I found tremendously valuable were your video lessons followed by the sample questions, so well designed! And, of course, the mock exams were an FSE Boot Camp!! Bravo!! Thank you for the feedback, it really gave me confidence when approaching questions from those areas in which I performed well. And, I knew precisely in which areas I should invest more time and effort. Again, a BIG THANK YOU to the team!!! I would recommend your material/seminar to anyone embarking on the journey of becoming an RCIC!”
Tamara Karagic

(March 9, 2017), R512974

“I have good news today; I passed the exam. Thanks very much for the full skill exam books. I would recommend them to everybody.”
Mehmet Nuri Yesilgoz

(March 6, 2017), R517776

“A very heartfelt thanks for your help in passing my ICCRC Full Skills Exam. I really appreciated your approach, your encouragement and most of all your skill, in this endeavor. Please know that I would happily serve as a reference for your program and I look forward very much to your CPD offerings. Thank you again!”
Carmelle Mulaire

(March 2, 2017), R513601

“I Passed! Thanks for the materials, seminar and your time…..I appreciate you greatly.”
Kenny Adewoyin

(March 2, 2017), R518557

“I have taken a review from 2 other sources, but when i started reviewing the reviewer i purchased from you, I clearly understood everything and i pass. Thanks a lot for being there.”
Norilyn Oligo-Sarma

(March 2, 2017), R512706

“I would like to thank you and your team for all your support and guidance in helping me successfully pass the full skills exam. I was really stressed with no guidance where to start from for my exam preparation but your videos and materials really put me on the right track and I was able to prepare myself within 4 weeks for the exam. Thank you very very much!”

(March 2, 2017)

“Thank you for providing me with the information I needed to pass my exam! The practice exams and test day booklet were very helpful. Keep up the great work!”
Jana Brown

(Dec 5, 2016), R515436

“Hello, I am emailing you to give you the biggest THANK YOU!! I got my results of my exam yesterday and I passed, without your books it would have been way more difficult. Thank you so so much.”
Eddie Ramirez

(Nov 30, 2016), R515840

“This is to say thank you. I passed the ICCRC FSE. I purchased your materials and they were very useful. Keep up the good job.”

(Nov 29, 2016)

“Good News!!! I have passed ICCRC FSE August 2016. I attended your last FSE preparation seminar. I have also a beneficiary of all 3 simulations and test day data book of yours. It’s my immense pleasure to thanking you for your wonderful guidance and support. Your seminar and materials were very useful and it helped me to achieve this wonderful and reputed RCIC designation. I already recommended you to my friends who are going to write the exam immediately. Once again thank you very much for your support.”
Bini Thomas

(Sep 17, 2016), R516083

“I will probably never meet you guys, I didnt take your prep course (it was full when I tried to register) but I did watch your videos and buy the test day booklet and they played a MAJOR role in passing the exam. Thank you so much!!!!! I am now telling my colleagues who failed the exam and those writing in November that had I found out about your prep course sooner I would have done it and they should do it. You guys taught me how to get into the head of the examiner’s head. I sat in that exam and heard the instructor’s voice on many questions saying something like ‘Here’s the tricky pat of this question that you may want to pay attention to for your ICCRC exam’. Thanks so much again. You guys are awesome!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!”
Karl Marshall

(Sep 3, 2016), R525548

“I just want to say thank you so much for all the hard work in putting this fantastic material together. My classmates and I just received a positive email “Congratulating us in passing our Full Skills Exam”. I have to admit that your complete package of Test Day Data Booklet was the key to our success. God bless you all.”
Kelly Almendarez

(Sep 2, 2016), R526924

“I passed the exam. There is no way for me to pass the exam without your generous and valuable help. Thanks a lot.”
Dali Wang

(Jun 7, 2016), R516663

“I passed my exam too! Thanks a lot!! Your preparation course, books are so helpful!”
Oksana Todorenko

(Jun 7, 2016), R514834

“I passed and thanks to you guys for the help during the seminar. Keep up the good work.”
Confidence Akpede

(Jun 7, 2016), R515935

“Thank you very much for your support with the preparation I was successful in passing the exam. The preparation documents were excellent.”
Serge Conille / R517043

(Jun 7, 2016)

“Good news. I am passed. Thanks.”
Megh Kunwar / R515538

(Jun 3, 2016)

“Big thank you for helping me pass my licensing exam conducted on Feb 7 2016. It’s thank to you and all your entire team.”
Zeenatali Sutar / R516024

(Mar 7, 2016)

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