Happy clients

We constantly receive emails from clients telling us about how the books and seminars helped them reach their goal of becoming a member of the ICCRC. Here are just a few from recently (continuation):

“Thank you for the exam prep course and the practice exams. They helped me pass my exam first attempt. Now looking forward to starting my new career.”
David Pate / R514801

(Dec 16, 2015)

“Yes I have passed exam also thank you so much!!!!:-))”

(Dec 4, 2015), R514817

“Yes I did pass thank you very much! The seminar and books definitely helped a lot on prepping for the exam!!”
Ephraigm Flores

(Dec 4, 2015)

“I passed! Thank you very much by the way for your excellence and professionalism in the materials provided as well as seminar presentation. I found your Test Day Data Booklet very useful as well as the simulation exams. The course was also excellent in that you were able highlight important areas of study as well as those pertinent to individual simulation results. The addition of links to assisting study materials was much appreciated. Thanks again, and I look forward to your future communications and publications.”
Robert Hayes

(Dec 3, 2015), R513391

“I just want thank you for helping pass the iccrc exam I had the result today and I pass the exam Iam very happy with a result and the help that I get from just books and seminar. Thank you.”
Abdel Mouaoui

(Nov 26, 2015), R515043

“Just dropping you a quick note to let you know I passed my exam. I don’t think it would be possible without your help. Now on my way to start helping people to come to Canada. Thank you again. You were great help and made the process of getting ready for the exam interesting and possible.”
Magda Zaplotny

(Sept 4, 2015), R514390

“I feel indebted to the whole team at FullSkillsExamPrep.com for putting together an amazing suite of resources that help prospective RCICs synthesize the letter, spirit, and intention of Canadian immigration law in time for their full skills exam. While there’s no doubt that students work hard in preparation for their exams, there’s nothing on the market that can take the dozens of different pieces of legislation, provincial and federal websites, policy manuals, and other sources that we are required to study and know and crystallize them down to an up-to-date 50 page booklet. Similarly, in my experience there is not another practice test out there that can so closely approximate the real test. The combination of these 2 resources for me was instrumental in my passing the exam.”
Dave Sage

(July 7, 2015), R512224

“I passed the FSE! I thank you very much for your help, for being patient for my giggles during the seminar and for being considerate for even getting only 51% of our practice test. Importantly, for returning my email back promptly (CE points needed in being an RCIC). Your kind words became my “hope”. You are simply the best.”
Mario Aycardo

(May 25, 2015), R514094

“I want to say a big “thank you” to you and your team! I’ve passed the licensing exam and I’m so excited!!! (I got the results yesterday). Your tests helped me so much. I was very happy to find some of the questions on the exam were the same. I’d say, some of your questions were much more difficult than the real e exam. My first test at home was a disaster – about 54% -; my second one was a bit encouraging – around 71%: my third one was 77%, which gave me confidence that I can do it. On the exam day, I was done half an hour before the end. Actually, I was the first one to leave the room. Definitely, the test day booklet helped me as well. However, studying the manuals and the regulations in detail is what makes the difference. You are simply the best!”
Petya Ignatova

(May 22, 2015), R513660

“Thank you very much. I have passed the Exam held in Feb 15. Your material is very useful and helpful not only for preparation but also during the examination. Rather this is the only book which can be used during the examination due to time constraints.”
Shafqat Hayat

(March 19, 2015), R513569

“I have the most wonderful news! I passed my ICCRC Exam!!!!! I want to send my sincerest gratitude in helping me achieve this major milestone. You played a huge part in my success. Your exam simulations and Test Day Booklet were golden! I wasn’t surprised that almost everyone who took the exam with me in Calgary had that red and white Full Skills Exam Prep Test Day Booklet handy. Aside from the ICCRC regulations and a few notes, it was practically all I needed as a quick and comprehensive reference! Plus, the tips and strategies you shared during the seminar helped me to accomplish the exam with greater efficiency and accuracy. I couldn’t have been more confident in writing the exam! Your exam prep materials and seminar is definitely a MUST for everyone aspiring to become a regulated immigration consultant! The role that you play in our success is honorable. Thank you! :)”
Fe Tolentino

(March 11, 2015), R513836

“I would like to express my gratitude and thanks for your excellent efforts and educational materials that helped me a lot to pass my ICCRC exam. I am so happy to let you know that your books and seminar were really useful and uptodate to take preparation for the national level exam. I am so delighted and motivated to start my new journey as a Canadian Immigration Consultant from now on. Please wish for my career. Thanks again and all my best.”
Rehana Akhter

(Dec 4, 2014), R511585

“I just got my ICCRC exam results. I am happy to inform you that I have passed the exam.I sincerely want to thank you for your question bank. I took it 3 weeks before the exam and I found it extremely valuable in preparing for the exams.”
Harjeet Ghuman

(Dec 1, 2014), R512976

“First of all, I would like to congratulate you as one more of your students has succeeded to pass the exam successfully with almighty’s kind grace and your valuable coaching. I would like to Thank you for your support, guidance and encouragement. All the techniques you have advised for tackling the exam were really worked. I am really very much impressed with your time saving technique, which helped me a lot to complete my exam in time. Further coding technique also worked very well. I applied techniques advised by you and managed to complete 100 questions in 02:30 hrs with 12-14 questions which i was not sure i just put coding for that. And in last half an hours i reviewed those 12-14 questions. Once again a Big Thanks for everything!”
Kanwaljit Singh

(Nov 28, 2014), R512357

“I thought that I should touch base with you to let you know that I passed the ICCRC Full Scale Examination held on August 10, 2014. Thank you for the study aids as well as the seminar which were useful tools in writing the exam.”
Bernard Alvares

(Sept 7, 2014), R511325

“I passed November ICCRC Full Skilled Exam and got my results early December 2013. I would like to share this good news with you and thanks for always providing support to me with your materials.”
Emma Zhang

(Jan 3, 2014), R508944

“I passed my exam and majority of the credit goes to you guys because the material you provided was well organized and up to the mark. Without your help I would have not passed my exam. Once again I thank you guys.”
Poonam Preet

(Dec 5, 2013), R509023

“This is to let you know that Panebi and I passed our ICCRC Full Skills Exam! Your exam prep program helped in no small measure! Thank you and God bless you both. Regards,”
Tukeni Obasi and Panebi Oboh

(Dec 2, 2013), R510504, R510503

“I want to thank you for your seminar and mock examination, I attended via web. I wanted to convey that I received the result of the Certification examination and I have passed. Thank you.”
Peter Parmar

(Nov 30, 2013), R510057

“Hi GuysI did pass my ICCRC exam. I could not have done it without that brilliant “exam day booklet“. I saw people in the exams with a mountain of binders, my magic book was great. Thanks for all you help.”
Michael Patterson

(Sept 10, 2013), R510162

“Hi GuysI did pass my ICCRC exam. I could not have done it without that brilliant “exam day booklet“. I saw people in the exams with a mountain of binders, my magic book was great. Thanks for all you help.”
Michael Patterson

(Sept 10, 2013), R510162

“I am NOT surprised at all that so many of your clients are passing, I found the prep book to be an ENORMOUS HELP!! In my opinion, for any one preparing to write the ICCRC exam, this prep book is as valuable as GOLD!! When I started studying for the exam, I honestly had no idea where to begin. But this prep book is so organized that I keep following it along as a guide and continue to study the topics listed in detail from the sources I already had, as well as from the sources you listed. Hopefully I should be prepared and especially after attending the seminar, I am quite hopeful that I will pass this time.Thank you so much for your continuous support, you guys have Excellent customer service.”

(May 2013)

“I would like to tell you I just got the news today that I have passed the FSE which I attended on Feb 07, 2016. I really appreciate your help. The Test Day Booklet, Simulation Questions and the Seminar has provided me with proper training, personal support and essential experience for the real exam, plus they saved me a lot of time. Eventually, I took the exam with more confidence and passed with first attempt. Your preparation program are great for people who are having a busy life like me. Thank you again for sharing the precious strategies and tips selflessly.”
Xu Jing

(Mar 4, 2016)

“I did pass the ICCRC exam. Thank you for the seminar, it helped me to clear most of my doubts. All the guidelines and preparation tips that you provided me in the seminar definitely helped me during the exam. Thank you once again for all the help that you and your team provided me.”
Juthika Rajwade

(Dec 5, 2015), R514549

“I’ve passed my exam too. Thanks a lot for your help.”
Meghna Dhingra

(Dec 4, 2015), R513938

“I am really happy to announce… I PASSED MY FULL SKILLS EXAM. Your team did an amazing job and I wholeheartedly recommend them to all colleagues and future exam-takers as the ‘FULL PACKAGE DEAL’ – a team full of cutting edge talent and dedication. It was such a pleasure to attend and learn Immigration laws for the purpose of passing the full skills exam who seemed to have all the answers to my questions.I highly recommend FSE and his supporting team who made it all possible. I have purchased all the books plus seminar package and With more than 400 scenario based questions from all the exam simulation books and test day data booklet I was fully prepared and made it. Thanks Again for the magic work!”
Samir Singh

(Dec 3, 2015)

“I am very pleased to inform you that I did pass the exam and will become an official iccrc member soon. Thank you for your help throughout this process, it was much needed and very helpful!”
Sukhvir Chand

(Sept 8, 2015), R514807

“I got my results today for the full skills exam that was held on August 9,2015. I passed my exam. I want to thank whole team of full skills exam prep who made it possible for me to pass the exam. The techniques told in the seminar helped a lot on the exam day. I finished my exam 30 minutes earlier. I will suggest to all who want to give FSE in future to get whole package of seminar with books. I want to thanks again a lot.”
Arshinder Kaur

(Sept , 2015), R512581

“Hello Full Skills Exam Prep, I want to say very very thank you for helping on my Full Skills Exam Preparation. I passed the Full Skills Exam, which was written on May 3, 2015. Many many thanks for the Seminar in April 2015 and the Data Book is very useful.”
Meng Simone Zhang

(June 15, 2015), R514046

“I am happy to announce…I PASSED MY EXAM ? ? ? This was my first attempt at writing so I am extremely happy. The material helped me to gain focus on what to study for and helped to gain confidence in myself in writing the final exam. The Seminar helped me to break down questions and answers to gain a better understanding of how to answer. The questions in the exam are differently not black and white so knowing how to answer them will be important with the time restriction. You may think 3 hours is a long time to write the exam but many people at the end were scrambling to finish, the timely techniques that you taught in the seminar are a life saver which I would pay for again. Thank you for your encouragement that you gave to me well on Skype. I did the exam without the extra time I was asking CIC for. I have “Performance Anxiety”, I do really well on assignments when I am in school so when it comes to tests, even if I fail it, I still pass the course dut to my marks being so high. I had many people pray for me on the day of the exam. The Lord gave me peace and helped me to stay focus without my mind wondering. It is very important to have your support team on the day of writing – remember even a hug before going in brings down the anxiety you maybe feeling ? “
Hailey Mills

(May 25, 2015), R512279

“I just want to inform you that I cleared my Full Skills Exam. I also wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful material for the exam preparation. Test day booklet, simulation exam and seminar, all contributed towards preparing for the exam. Please continue the good work! Hope to meet you sometime in person, now that we are in the same profession.”
Chitra Bhatia

(May 22, 2015), R514121

“I know that, without a doubt, the Full Skills Exam Prep books and seminar were the reason why I passed my ICCRC FSE. To have quick access to so much information as I did in your exam handbook was invaluable when there were so many questions to answer in such a short period of time. The seminar was also invaluable insofar as it helped me to prepare a successful exam strategy. Like many new immigrants who re-establish their careers in Canada, my ICCRC licence to practise will help me to become successfully integrated, both professionally and economically. Many thanks for this!”
Anton Heacock

(Feb 28, 2015), R513074

“I just want to take this opportunity to share a great news with you: I passed the Nov/02 ICCRC exam!!! Honestly, your Test Data Booklet was the only thing I used during the exam. It was (and still is) my bible. Thank you a lot from the bottom of my heart. Your seminar, exam simulations and Test Day Data Booklet made feel more confident for the ICCRC exam.”
Myrna Farid

(Dec 3, 2014), R512822

“Definitely a 5 star rating. Excellent materials, guidance, Q&A, tips, shortcuts, and practice prior to the ICCRC exam. You are professional and very helpful.”
Wendy Huynh

(Nov 28, 2014), R512630

“I passed my Nov/2/2014 FSE exam. I just want to thank you and Lizzeth for publishing the Test Day Booklet and the Exam samples, as I truly believe that without them I would not be able to fully prepare for ICCRC exam. Je vous remercie beaucoup encore une fois.”
Kartika Wisjnu-Lim

(Nov 28, 2014), R509822

“I’d just like to share my happiness with you that I passed the ICCRC FSE. Thanks for the exam simulation booklets which helped me a lot. Thank you again!”
Alyssa Li

(Sept 7, 2014)

“Just to let you know that I PASSED my FSE and want to thank you for your great service and support – the book was great. The practice tests also helped me immeasurably. I’ll probably end up buying your exam book every year for quick reference…”
Mike Wilson

(Sept 5, 2014), R512014

“It was your material and honest guidance which give me direction to prepare for the ICCRC Exam. Thanks for your support and your material.”
Raman Sood

(June 1, 2014), R510854

“I am happy to inform you that I passed my ICCRC full skills exam on November 2, 2013. Your materials contributed significantly to this success. Please keep up your good work and thank you.”
Ofelia Thompson

(Dec 5, 2013), R509569

“I PASSED! Thanks to teachers like you. It is such a relief. I am on my way to starting my own Immigration Consulting Business.”
Helene Watson

(Dec 3, 2013), R509347

“Just to let you know that I have passed the FSE on Nov 3 (result received yesterday). The booklet is very practical and saved lots of my searching time that I had time to double check my answers. It is a very useful tool complementing other materials. Thank you very much. Regards,”
Xin Ju

(Nov 29, 2013), R510689

“I just got my result and I made it. Thanks a million! I found your 300 Questions exam prep extremely valuable, It was my “ROAD MAP” to success. Even when I fell short when I took the tests in your booklets, I found the references booklet extremely helpful. A lot of your scenario questions actually came out in the actual exams.Keep it up! Warm regards,”
Olufemi Osanife

(Sept 6, 2013), R509108

“The team at Full Skills Exam Prep provided a really compact and complete source of material which I used to prepare the Full Skill Exam. The concentrated info in his booklet was exactly what I needed and I keep carrying it with me. They provided an excellent customer service and helped me with my questions during my preparation. The booklet is worth every penny!”
Ghassane Chehbouni

(June 2013), R509470

“I found the prep books to be a HUGE help!!I think of the prep books are so valuable, everyone can use them to have success in the ICCRC exam. Best of luck to everyone and a big big thanks to you! Regards,”
Amir Hossein Tofigh

(May 2013), R509045

“I don’t think I would have passed the test without these sample exams. It was very helpful”
Julie Bond

(March 2013), R508771

“Thank you guys so much!!! I just got my results and passed! You guys are great I only really studied a week with your materials to be honest but they are amazing.”
Nathan Chen

(Mar 4, 2016)

“I would like to inform you that I passed my iccrc FSE and I owe a big “thank you” to you guys as it was not possible without your help. Thank you for everything.”
Emily Ghosh / R515428

(Dec 5, 2015)

“I would like to send my appreciation for helping me pass my iccrc exam! Not only were the simulation books 1-3 of great help but the seminar really pushed me as well as gave me great tips on how to approach the exam questions carefully. Once again I would like to thank you guys for everything! Ps. The exam day booklet was also of great help.”
Yitzhak Lewin

(Dec 4, 2015), R509734

“Yes, I did pass the ICCRC exam. Thank you so much for all the help and material. The exam prep course and material definitely made a difference. Thank you!”
Desiree Hombert

(Dec 4, 2015), R513080

“I just received news last week that I successfully passed my ICCRC Full Skills exam! Your prep course, practice exams and webinars made me feel prepared and confident going into the exam, and I am very happy with the results- thank you for all of your assistance!”
Robyn Thomas-Heule

(Nov 30, 2015), R515299

“I graduated from the Immigration Program from UBC in 2014 and had put off writing the ICCRC Full Skills Exam. Many of my class members had mentioned how the Test Day Booklet was very useful as were the Simulation Exams therefore I purchased the full package (including the seminar). I learned practical tips from the seminar and used the exam booklet as my reference throughout my preparation and the during the exam. I was one of those people who printed pages and pages of notes along with the Act and Regs but throughout the exam my main reference point was the text day booklet and not my own printouts. Thank you to the team for helping me prepare for the exam along with answering many of my last minute questions. I passed on my first try !!!”
Jasmine Sajjan

(Sept 11, 2015), R514108

“I got the results yesterday for my fse and I PASSED THE EXAM written on Aug. 9/15. I didn’t not participate on your online sessions/courses but I did order your books and as a result I succeeded. Your materials are extremely helpful and RESOURCEFUL. Keep up the magic work !! I just can’t thank you enough for making this experience so positive and ecstatic.”

(Sept 4, 2015)

“I wanted to inform you that I successfully passed the ICCRC FSE test. Your exam preparation techniques works for me. Thanks again”
Eivy Joy Quito

(May 25, 2015), R512178

“I’m just so thrilled to inform you that I did it! The workshop worked! Thank you for being a part of my great success! More Power!”
Lorna Tormis

(May 23, 2015), R513859

“I am pleased to advise you that I have passed my ICCRC exams per results emailed out to candidates yesterday. I would like to thank you for your excellent instruction plus materials, whiche were a valuable tool to pass my exams in my first attempt.”
Zia Hanif

(May 22, 2015), R512779

“I passed the FSE on 3 May 2015! I just got the notification today by eMail. Thank you!”
Katharina Kontaxis

(May 22, 2015), R512662

“I just received an email from the ICCRC that I passed my FSE Exam !!!!! Wow! I want to thank you for all your help and I strongly believe that I wouldn’t have passed without your help. I will definitely recommend your name to all future students. Thanks again.”
Jaz Sandhu

(May 21, 2015), R513461

‘’I took the Full Package (seminar and all of the books) and found it incredibly helpful during my ICCRC Full Skills Exam. For anybody planning on passing the exam on the first try, I strongly recommend you to trust the team at Full Skills Exam Prep – they know what they’re doing!’’
Harry Handa

(Feb 14, 2015), R509919

“Excellent materials, very useful test day booklet, exam simulations and in-person seminars! All this amazing collection of wisdom and knowledge has made my day on Nov 2! Besides, the team is excellent and very helpful, lovely and smart people.”
Vicki Mingyan Yang

(Dec 2, 2014), R513300

“I successfully passed my exam. Thanks a lot. Your materials helped me a lot. I made my own material and brought it with me during the exam but since yours was organized and outlined, it made it easier for me to find what I was looking for as fast as I need.”
Teodulo Natividad

(Nov 28, 2014), R511715

“I have passed my exam and thanks to your material. There was no way to look at any materials but except your Test Day Data Book…Thank you.”
Filiz Tumer

(Sept 21, 2014), R511219

“I finally passed the exam. THANK YOU very much, this is possible because of you.”
Jack Kasongo

(Sept 7, 2014), R511509

“I got my result yesterday at 5pm. I am happy to inform you I passed. Thank you for all your help, I am very confident your support helped me pass.”
Victor Jimenez

(Sept 5, 2014), R512326

“Successful!!! Thanks so much for your support and guidance! Your materials were priceless!”
Tanya Brost Ferguson

(Sept 4, 2014), R511092

“Received the FSE result today and very happy to inform for the third time I made it with the help of your review course. It’s worth it every penny and once again thank you.”
Estela Oates

(Feb 26, 2014), R508229

“It was heaven sent that I found Full Skills Exam Prep website of Kyle and Lizzette. I owe my passing the exams to them. I have been recommending their system to others. In my experience, I have reviewed for 3, 4, 5 months but still struggling to find the best technique to recall things. Your system helps you identify weak points and focus the review on it. It is the one and only BEST ICCRC Full Skills review assistance that on can ever get. Especially for busy people on different roles as student, career person, and parent, who just do not have enough time in a day or week to focus on review.”

(Dec 17, 2013)

“I prepared very thoroughly for the ICCRC Full Skills Exam, but it was with the Practice Exams provided by fullskillsexamprep.com that solidified my preparedness. The exams offered excellent sample questions that were timely and relevant to the material on the Full Skills Exam. Thank you fullskillsexamprep.com for helping me become a registered immigration consultant!”
Nicolle Hans

(Dec 3, 2013), R510018

“Good news: I passed the exam!!! Thanks again for putting together this awesome material, I feel I would never have passed if I didn’t have it! (Two classmates of mine who didn’t use it didn’t pass, I rest my case!!!)”
Elise Michaud

(Sept 9, 2013), R510034

“A few words on your full skills exam prep. Four weeks before I sat for the ICCRC exam, I was out of the country on business and had no clue where to start from in terms of preparing for the exam. I decided to buy the three simulation booklets. Your questions prepared me well for the exam and actually was all I needed to get a head start. In addition to my course notes and determination to succeed as well some of your free online lectures, I was able to pass on my first attempt.”
M. Agboola

(July 2013), R509527

“Received my results yesterday.I have 6 years of work experience in the sector and the course work I had completed as a requirement to take the examination.Yet I cannot discount that if I had not gone through the Simulation booklets before the exam and reviewed the test data booklet, I may not have had the time to complete the 3-hour exam. Thank you for coming up with such a useful tool.”
Lakshmi Hangalur

(May 2013), R507957

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