In updating our materials every 90 days, occasionally a typo or two gets through.

Please refer to this list in order to correct your booklets:

T1 – Q24

Correct answer:

c. No, because the conditional measure does not apply in this case

T1 – Q28

d. Speaking 7, Reading 7, Listening 8, Writing 8


28. *Yes, 7-7- 7-7 is the real minimum, but the most correct answer is d.

T1 – Q67

Correct answer:

d. The wife can but the father cannot

T1 – Q91


91. Code of Professional Ethics Art. 7.2.1

T2 – Q31

Correct answer:

b. Yes, she can enter immediately, but only without Tajik

T2 – Q37

Correct answer:

b. Serious possibility / Balance of probabilities

T2 – Q45

Correct answer:

c. 90 days after the course is finished

T2 – Q48

Correct answer:

b. July 2018 because the time spent in Oman would count towards his PR requirements

T2 – Q61


61. A42(2), Citizenship Act 10.2

Seminar – Q5


5. Code of Professional Ethics Art. 11.2.1(iii)

Seminar – Q14

Correct answer:

b. No because he is from a Designated Country of Origin

Seminar – Q61


61. R87.1(3)

Seminar – Q64

Can she apply for permanent resident under the BC PNP through the Entry level and Semi-skilled Worker stream?

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