Here is a testimonial from an amazing client who took our April 9-10 2020 ICCRC Exam Seminar:

I think the day I enrolled with you was the best decision of my career.
I have done my Immigration Consultant certification from a very reputed institute, however even after achieving great grades in the course, I was lost and directionless.

Joining this course and specially after attending the seminar, I am very clear about the direction I must pursue to excel in the exam.
Thank you Kyle for he invaluable input during the seminar. Best thing about you is that I am confident that you are just an email away and the response time is so commendable..
I can go on with my appreciation but I will cut it short and recommend to anyone reading this “Just go for it, you will thank yourself later for enrolling in the course + seminar”
Reena, April 9-10 2020 Online Seminar Attendee

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